Petulant Child Roy Cooper Declares 'State of Emergency' Over Republican Veto Plan

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper gave a briefing on Monday, declaring a “state of emergency” in the Tarheel State. Did the area get ravaged by some natural disaster that we all missed?


The answer is no. Rather, Cooper is declaring a “state of emergency” because Republicans are about to override his veto of a school choice bill as well as other vetos of GOP legislative priorities. Apparently, parents being able to choose where they send their kids to school is a clear and present danger.

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These are the rantings of a petulant child, unable to accept that parents have finally woken up to what a racket public education is.

Cooper claims that money will now go to “unaccountable private schools,” but just how accountable are public schools? How accountable are public school teachers that hide behind powerful teachers’ unions? Because all I see is abject failure rewarded with more and more money.

Parents deserve the right to take their tax dollars where they want when it comes to educating their children. That includes private schools, including religiously-based ones. The idea that public schools are providing some top-shelf product that your local Catholic school can’t match is laughable. Public education has been failing students for decades, and shoveling more money into the bottomless pit is not the answer.


The governor is also upset about a proposed budget that “only” raises teachers’ pay by 4.5 percent. Cooper wanted a whopping 18 percent raise over two years. Ask yourself, are you going to get an 18 percent raise over the next two years for doing the same job you’ve always done? That’s not to disparage the profession of teaching, but the idea that we are going to hike teachers’ pay by nearly 10 percent every year is not fiscally sustainable. It’s also a slap in the face to taxpayers that sucked it up throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while many teachers refused to go to work. That’s a wound that hasn’t fully healed yet.

Further, the governor expressed his outrage over a plan to lower the state’s income tax. You know, because getting to keep more of your own money is always a bad thing as far as Democrats are concerned. Left-wing news outlets immediately proclaimed that the plan would reduce the state’s revenue by 20 percent, but I’d be willing to bet that doesn’t come to pass. That’s the scare tactic that is always used anytime Republicans cut taxes. Inevitably, over a multi-year period, revenue ends up growing due to increased economic activity.


Now, is Cooper’s declaration of a “state of emergency” over all that stuff an actual executive order? As best as I can tell, it’s not and carries no legal weight. Rather, it’s more rhetorical nonsense from the left, trying to stir up fear and loathing. I’m begging red states to stop electing these supposed “moderate” Democrats. This is always the result because there is no such thing as a moderate Democrat. Bad governance will always follow.


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