Sad Scene at MSNBC as Hosts and Analysts Have Struggle Session Over Durham Report

Monday was a day of mourning over at MSNBC following the release of the John Durham special counsel report. After years of inquiry, Durham found no legitimate predicate for Crossfire Hurricane, otherwise known as the Trump-Russia investigation. He also found numerous cases of abuse by government officials as they stubbornly pushed forward despite the lack of any evidence to do so.


For its part, the FBI released a shameless statement in which it admitted the abuses took place but insisted all the issues had been fixed internally. But rest assured, there are still true believers out there, and they were on full display to comment on Durham’s findings.

Here’s Andrew Weissmann and Nicole Wallace having a struggle session as the realization that their years-long, slanderous pursuit was all a hoax.

Let’s start with Weissmann, who has essentially become the face of everything wrong with the DOJ over the last half-decade. Known as “Robert Mueller’s pitbull,” Weissmann has an extensive history of abusing government power that goes well beyond any case involving Donald Trump. He’s had entire convictions thrown out for prosecutorial misconduct. Still, though he tried his hardest, he could not pin any collusion-related crime on Trump, and his bitterness about that has been obvious ever since.

In the clip, Weissmann actually has the audacity to suggest that Durham was not acting in good faith. Yes, the guy who spent years formulating a hoax to interfere in an election has thoughts on what a good-faith investigation looks like. It’s just parodical. He goes on to call Durham’s investigation a “big fat nothing” while insisting that Russia is still interfering in American elections. Of note, there is also zero evidence of that former claim, at least at any substantive level.


Apparently, former DOJ officials who helped lead special counsels think uncovering unconstitutional abuses is a “big fat nothing.” How convenient is that? These are the people that lead our institutions, and it’s why absolutely no one trusts them except those that find it politically beneficial to do so.

Moving on to Wallace, her big cope in the above clip was to start listing people like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone as guilty in a court of law while Weissmann affirms her. She then calls Durham’s findings a “rabbit hole conspiracy.” Of course, what she fails to note is that none of those convictions had anything to do with actual collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump campaign.

The federal government could convict nearly every single American in existence of a crime if it wanted to. Everyone has run afoul of some law, somewhere, at some time. That the DOJ was able to ensnare a bunch of Trump associates in process crimes mostly via stupidity (or in Manafort’s case, crimes from 2012) does nothing to prove the premise that Crossfire Hurricane was legitimate.

And that’s the biggest takeaway from those clips of Weissmann and Wallace. At no point do they actually deal with the cardinal issue, which is that there was no probable cause to ever investigate Trump for supposed Russian collusion. To continue to do so was a gross abuse of power meant to influence an election, and it quite obviously did. You’d think a former DOJ official like Weissmann would be disturbed by that, but he’s got bills to pay, I guess. In the end, his behavior and the comments by Wallace just cement how far gone MSNBC is. It’s just a joke of a network.



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