Biden Nominates an Absolute Nightmare to Lead the NIH

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Joe Biden has finally put forth a nominee to head the National Insitutes of Health, and her background is absolute nightmare fuel.

According to Stat News, the president has officially selected Monica Bertagnolli, who currently leads the National Cancer Institute. She is set to replace Lawrence Tabak, who has been leading the NIH since 2021 on an interim basis. Bertagnolli’s nomination will now go before the US Senate for confirmation.


President Biden on Monday officially announced that he would nominate National Cancer Institute Director Monica Bertagnolli to fill the long-vacant director slot at the National Institutes of Health.

The cancer surgeon has led NCI — NIH’s largest institute — since last October and previously led Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s surgical oncology unit. If confirmed by the Senate, she would be the second woman to lead the agency.

NIH has been without a permanent director since Francis Collins stepped down in December 2021. His deputy Lawrence Tabak has been in the acting role since then, and earlier this month testified before a Senate panel on the president’s proposed 2024 budget.

If you thought Anthony Fauci was bad, and he was as terrible as one could imagine, there’s no reason to think Bertagnolli will be any better. She subscribes to all the same statist, misguided policy prescriptions that failed the American people so badly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, she thinks Fauci did such an incredible job that he should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here are just a few of her highlights.


It’s worth noting that these anti-disinformation proponents were some of the worst spreaders of disinformation during the pandemic. Numerous claims by the medical establishment were outright debunked, with no apologies to be found. Anyone that believes censoring information is the right path is already headed down the wrong one.

One of the most harmful policy positions held by the medical establishment was the idea that everyone needed to be jabbed with the COVID-19 vaccines. From very early in the pandemic, it became clear that children and younger adults were not at any real risk of death or serious injury. Yet, instead of taking a practical approach, people like Bertagnolli insisted that everyone must be vaccinated to stop transmission. In the end, that talking point flopped after it was shown that the vaccines did not even stop transmission of the virus.

If Bertagnolli is willing to make that mistake, what other mistakes is she going to make in the future? That’s a question every single senator thinking of voting for her needs to be asking. Certainly, this is not the time for Republicans like Lindsey Graham (who has a habit of confirming Biden’s nominees) to go weak in the knees. While the medical tyranny that reined during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic has retreated out of the spotlight, it must not be forgotten.


Bertagnolli represents more of the same nonsense that caused so much suffering to so many people. Haven’t America’s medical institutions lost enough credibility?


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