Keith Olbermann Gets Triggered by Megyn Kelly Again, and His Obsession Is Starting to Get Creepy

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Keith Olbermann has become increasingly obsessed with Megyn Kelly, and that spilled over on Saturday after he got so triggered by the popular podcast host that he decided to dabble in misogyny.


The setup comes via a clip RedState previously reported on, where Charlize Theron obscenely threatened anyone who opposes children attending sexualized drag shows. Kelly responded with this line, taking up Theron on her challenge.

“Okay, so why doesn’t Charlize Theron come and f–k me up? Because I’m 100% against her on this,” Kelly said during Friday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

The podcaster said that Theron is someone who “obviously I don’t know, but I feel like I have some weird connection with this person because she played me in a movie.”

So where does Olbermann come in? Well, you may recall that Kelly absolutely eviscerated him recently after he took a shot at her for supporting Tucker Carlson (after his ouster from Fox News). Olbermann sarcastically suggested that Kelly was fired from Fox News. In reality, she was offered big bucks to stay before she ended up going to NBC News.

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In response to Olbermann’s attempted slam, Kelly took him apart.

So first of all, you mistake the circumstances of my departure from NBC, sir. That’s all I’m allowed to say about it. And as for Fox, there were widely reported facts that I was offered $100 million to stay there, but the record is very clear that I left voluntarily because I wanted to raise my family.

Something you don’t know anything about because no one would marry you, and you have no children. You have a cold, lonely life in which you’ve become a bitter, bitter man. Something I wouldn’t know anything about because my life is joyful and I’ve managed to raise my own children, and someday, I hope you have that pleasure, but I don’t have high hopes of that happening.


Fact-check: No lies detected.

Olbermann is apparently still chapped about having his life laid out before him in such a vivid fashion. When Kelly responded to Theron, he booted up the computer in his basement and posted this.

Get it? Kelly wears make-up and therefore looks like the psychotic character “Baby Jane” that was played by Bette Davis in the 1960s. What an absolutely brutal slam by Olbermann! He’s just so darn good at this.

Conversely, he continues to show he’s nothing but a deprived, bitter old man who has allowed life pass him by with nothing to currently show for it but some money and a podcast no one listens to. He’s unhappy, and it’s so painfully obvious that I almost hesitate to keep dunking on him. At some point, it just becomes sad.

On the other hand, if someone’s wounds are entirely self-inflicted, how sorry can you really feel for them? Olbermann’s attacks on Kelly show exactly why he’s not married and has no kids. Who would want to be with someone like that? The guy’s such a creep that he actually thinks Kelly, who is objectively attractive by societal standards, looks like a clown because she dared to disagree, not with him, but someone else politically. How shallow is someone’s life to react that way?


That’s rhetorical because we know how shallow Olbermann’s life is. One might describe it as something like the kiddie pool at the local YMCA.


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