Community Notes Comes in off the Top Rope Again to Nail Joe Biden

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

In a shocking, completely unexpected turn of events, Joe Biden has told another blatant lie. I know what you are thinking. Who could have seen that coming? Luckily, Elon Musk bought Twitter somewhat recently, and that means that Democrat politicians no longer have a monopoly on the fact-checking enterprise.


Enter Community Notes, Twitter’s user-based fact-checking system that allows people (if their information is verified and gets enough votes) to affix a correction on the bottom of clearly false tweets. Biden has already found himself on the receiving end of Community Notes before, and on Thursday, he took it off the top rope again.

What I love the most about Community Notes is that it’s so concise. Contrast the above with how Politifact and The Washington Post operate, both of which turn their fact-checks into partisan exercises meant to obscure, not reveal the truth.

With Community Notes, though, it’s just a simple statement of fact and a link providing evidence. That’s how you do a fact-check. Instead of spending dozens of paragraphs explaining how something is false but not really false or vice versa depending on which politician said it, you just tell the truth. What a novel idea, right?

Getting back to the substance of Biden’s statement, is he the most “pro-union” president in American history? As Community Notes asserts, he’s definitely not. Rather, he’s a typical opportunistic, left-wing politician who pretends to be pro-worker until the moment it becomes politically inconvenient. More recently, Biden voted to stop railroad workers from striking in order to save his administration from a mountain of public blowback. Had the strike happened as planned, it would have drug into the Christmas season, and then Biden might not have been able to go on his umpteenth vacation in peace. We couldn’t have that.


Meanwhile, broadening things out, what exactly has Biden done to help union workers? The answer is essentially nothing. I’m generally anti-union because they are corrupt enterprises that harm consumers, but I’m also not the one bragging about being pro-union. So shouldn’t Biden explain his excellent policies that are making lives better for union workers? Because all I see is sky-high high inflation, plant closures, subservience to China, and an economic environment that is crushing anyone who hails from the middle class.

Unfortunately, as I said, unions are hopelessly corrupt enterprises. It doesn’t really matter what the rank-and-file believes when it comes to politics. The upper management of almost all these trade unions is stocked with Democrat partisans who use member money to prop up failed politicians like Biden. When you start talking about the teachers’ unions, the situation gets even worse, with children being directly affected.

So sure, Biden receives a ton of money from labor unions, but he’s not pro-union in anything but a rhetorical sense. It’s very easy to talk about helping steelworkers and teachers while delivering a speech off a teleprompter. It’s a whole other thing to create an economy that actually benefits those people, and Biden hasn’t done that at all.



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