New Documents Prove Merrick Garland Lied to Congress, Impeachment Is the Only Option

As RedState reported, Sen. Katie Britt shared bombshell documents on Wednesday proving that U.S. Marshals were instructed not to arrest protesters breaking federal law outside of the homes of various conservative Supreme Court Justices.


The protests, which persist to this day, began in the aftermath of the leak showing that Roe v. Wade was set to be overturned. Under federal law, protesting outside the home of a federal judge in an attempt to influence a decision is a crime. Despite that, not a single arrest was made nor was any charge brought afterward.

Sen. Ted Cruz had previously grilled AG Merrick Garland on the lack of enforcement.

“You’re perfectly content with justices being afraid for their children’s lives, and you did nothing to prosecute it,” Cruz said.

Garland said he acted quickly and responsibly by deploying 70 federal marshals to the justices’ homes after a leaked draft opinion signaled the court was about to end the constitutional right to an abortion.

“I did something no attorney general in the history of the department had ever done before,” Garland said. “For the first time in history, I ordered the United States Marshals 24/7 to defend every residence of every justice.”

But Garland said as far as he knew no charges were brought under a law prohibiting picketing outside of a federal judge’s home, but insisted the marshals on the scene make the determination to arrest demonstrators.

Garland blamed the U.S. Marshals on the ground for not making any arrests during his sworn testimony before Congress, but new documents presented by Britt show that they were directed to not make arrests unless “absolutely necessary.” Further, the slides, which were used for pre-deployment training, explicitly noted that making arrests was not the goal and that protesters should be left alone unless there was a direct threat to the life of a Justice or their family.


In other words, the order to not enforce the law came from the top of the DOJ.

The slides were handed over by a DOJ whistleblower who saw Garland’s testimony in early March. What they show is that Garland lied to Congress by saying that the decisions to not arrest were left with the Marshals on the ground. In fact, the DOJ had instructed them to not make arrests and specifically chose not to enforce federal law prohibiting the protests that took place.

In response, Garland insisted that he hadn’t seen the slides, which went so far as to tell the Marshals that they need to get permission from the US Attorney before making an arrest.

Yet, given the high-profile nature of the protests and their politicized nature, it is improbable that Garland was not made aware of what orders his own DOJ gave the Marshals. His lack of amendment to his prior testimony is simply doubling down on what is an obvious lie. That officials for the Biden administration have become so accustomed to telling outright falsehoods to the US Congress is disturbing.


Impeachment is the only option here. The documents show more than enough evidence that Garland lied, and it’s far more evidence of impeachable conduct than existed against Donald Trump. The DOJ instructed the U.S. Marshals to not enforce a law meant to protect the sanctity of the Supreme Court, and the only reason that makes sense for why they did so is to protect the far-left narrative against overturning Roe.

Republicans must take these documents, stop the infighting, and impeach Garland. Doing so opens up doors for investigations that are desperately needed. The DOJ is out of control, and none of this gets fixed until the GOP stands up and pushes back.

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