Viral Video of 13-Year-Old 'Drag Queen' Will Shock and Appall You, and So Will the Responses

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As someone who follows politics, I naturally end up also being exposed to the immoral excesses of the left. Still, there are some things that still shock me, and a recent viral video of a 13-year-old “drag queen” performing for gawking adults meets that criterion.


The video was put out by Libs of TikTok, and I have to include a disclaimer on this one because it’s that bad. While there’s not any nudity (which we would never post here), it is easily the worst of all the child “drag queen” videos out in the wild.

If you are smart and choose to not click on the video, what it contains is a small child dressed in a skin-tight leather backless dress performing sexually for adults who are snapping pictures and cheering. It’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in modern society, and there’s a lot of trash in modern society. This isn’t adult drag queens performing for children, which is bad enough. This is a child giving literal up-skirt poses to grown men.

There are some parts of the dancing I’m simply not willing to post here, but to fight this scourge, we need to be honest about what we are up against. Here’s one shot that gives you a pretty good idea of how shocking the video is.


Don’t get me wrong. I also don’t take my children to Hooters, but it’s become a bit of a trend for people on the left to compare these sexualized drag shows to waitresses in shorts serving wings or cheerleaders. In fact, right on cue, the far left ran to defend what was in the video, suggesting that straight 13-year-olds do things that are way worse.

There are? My daughter dances. She has never worn anything like that while dancing nor has she performed a sexualized routine for anyone. And to compare that video to cheerleading is just laughably stupid. High-school cheerleaders kick a leg up every once and a while. But Krassenstein actually suggests that stuff is worse than what the 13-year-old “drag queen” is doing.


Besides, let’s say he was right. Then most of us would condemn that too. In fact, I have in regard to child beauty pageants (which are still nowhere close to the drag performance in question). This isn’t difficult. If your first response to that video is to defend it and deflect, you’ve already failed the test, and it’s not a hard test to pass. All you have to do is say it’s bad for boys to dress up in skimpy dresses and grind on stages for adults. I mean, come on.

I know the term gets thrown around a lot, but if you are defending what’s in that video, you are a groomer. You are a sick, depraved person who should seek professional help.


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