Trump Keeps His Eye on the Ball, Rants About Ron DeSantis by Insinuating He's Gay

The day that Donald Trump proclaimed he’d be arrested is upon us. Will he or won’t he be processed and taken into custody on a weak attempt to relitigate the Stormy Daniels payoff? All we can do is wait, and since there is no timeline for grand jury deliberations, that wait could drag on.


In the meantime, Trump is keeping his eye on the ball in the face of possible jail time. No, he’s not focusing like a laser beam on Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. He’s insinuating Ron DeSantis is gay.

Those are just two of the posts Trump put out on DeSantis on Monday. His sons also spent the lion’s share of their time attacking a governor who doesn’t even have anything to do with what’s happening.

Are you ready for some brutal honesty that I’m willing to share with you because I actually care about the weaponization of government? Alright, here it goes: Donald Trump is less concerned about the possibility of his own indictment than you are.

That’s a problem, not because you can’t choose to prioritize the issue of your own volition, but because Trump and his team aren’t just demanding you fall in line to fight the weaponization of government when they aren’t willing to do so. They are also demanding you make him president in the process. That significantly ups the stakes, does it not?


But if Trump can’t be expected to be the adult in the room over his own arrest, then it’s fair to ask why you should be. Further, even if you choose to ignore Trump’s antics because you feel this is some bigger fight, why should you then elevate someone who can’t be counted on to focus and fight with you?

The question emanating from this isn’t hard to ascertain. Is Trump showing you that he has learned his lesson and can take on the deep state effectively in a second term? Or is he showing you he’s learned absolutely nothing and will continue to be distracted by the yearnings of his own ego?

Some keep asking for everyone in the GOP to come out strongly in support of Trump. According to them, we must drop everything and defend the former president. All the issues that actually affect our lives must be cast aside because his not-yet-decided indictment is the most important issue of our time.

Okay, let’s say that’s true. In that case, is it really too much to ask for Trump himself to drop everything? He’s not doing that, though. Instead, Trump is still launching false smears on a guy who, despite having no reason to after the last several months of ridiculously false attacks, took his side and denounced the Soros-funded prosecutor in question. And what thanks did he get? He got some Truth Social posts suggesting he’s gay.

Here’s the thing. I actually agree this situation is bigger than Trump and should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, it is Trump who is refusing to join the rest of us in that singular fight.


There are limits to everything in life. If you push people far enough, you will lose their support regardless of whatever principle you seek to cite. For example, when it comes to some left-wing figures, I’ve long said I’m not going to defend them when the alligator starts taking its bites. Why? Because not only haven’t they earned my defense, but they have actively sought to alienate me in the process.

Trump is approaching that place with his squirrel-on-crack behavior. I’ve tried to take this seriously, to offer sound analysis, and to encourage people to speak against the possibility of an indictment. But if Trump is going to instead abuse that goodwill to try to nuke other Republicans, that tells me he’s not actually worried about an indictment. And if he’s not worried, you should start asking why he’s not worried and whether you should continue to rend your garments over something he himself refuses to take seriously.

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