Adam Kinzinger Weighs in on Trump vs. DeSantis, and It May Shock You

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Adam Kinzinger has endorsed Donald Trump, or at least he has based on the standard Trump surrogates (including Kari Lake) recently set regarding George Soros and Ron DeSantis.


You may recall the accusations of Soros supporting and endorsing DeSantis following a video in which the infamous leftwing donor said he thinks the Florida governor will be the GOP nominee in 2024.

Now, was Soros actually “rooting” for DeSantis or offering his endorsement at any level? Of course, he wasn’t. What he was doing was giving his opinion of how the primary would go. I think that Joe Biden will win the 2024 Democratic Party presidential primary. I am not endorsing Biden by saying that. Soros is a radical leftwinger, and DeSantis has spent his tenure fighting everything the billionaire stands for, including suspending his lackeys.

In other words, the accusation that Soros had endorsed DeSantis was stupid, dishonest, and ridiculous. Yet, those who pushed that lie (and continue to do so) should probably have something to say about this lest they be massive hypocrites.


“Well, I mean, it depends,” said Kinzinger. “I think right now, the majority of Republicans, for instance, support Ukraine. That number changes because they don’t hear from Republican leaders who support Ukraine, because they’re, for some reason, scared to talk about it with a few exceptions. They’re only hearing from Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, and now Ron DeSantis, who says we don’t need to get involved in ‘territorial disputes.’ So that makes me question what’s his position on Taiwan and China for things like that.”

“I think DeSantis’ advantage right now is, he’s kind of like anybody that’s ready to move on from Trump, he kind of gives people an out like yeah, I’m going to own the libs, but it’s time to move on from Trump,” Kinzinger continued. “The problem is, I don’t think that Ron DeSantis has the personality that Trump has, and as they go head to head, I really expect that Donald Trump will start wiping the floor with Ron DeSantis in terms of that.”


I love that Kinzinger truly believes that most Republican primary voters see Ukraine as a top priority. That’s not to say some don’t see supporting Ukraine as acceptable. But this inside-the-beltway lunacy, supposing that your average Joe is sitting around desperately worried about what the 2024 candidates think on Ukraine, is farcical. That is not a thing that’s happening.

But that’s what has Kinzinger freaking out about DeSantis, who recently released a statement laying out a realistic, nuanced view of the conflict as it sits currently. The Florida man touched the third rail for hysterical neoconservatives every war, suggesting that we shouldn’t give Ukraine weapons that will allow them to strike Moscow.

So, that’s where this is actually coming from. I’m not going to be dumb enough to really suggest that Kinzinger now supports Trump the way Trump supporters did regarding Soros. What I will say is that Kinzinger wants Trump to be the nominee, not because he doesn’t hate the bad orange man, but because he believes the election will then be a layup for Joe Biden.

I wouldn’t be so sure, though. Even though I prefer DeSantis, I’m not and never have been “Never Trump,” and I believe Trump can win in 2024 if he plays his cards right. If the country continues on the current path, it’s not difficult to imagine at all.


Regardless, is Kinzinger right? Will Trump “wipe the floor” with DeSantis once it becomes a battle of personalities? I’m not so sure. I think it’s going to be a good fight, and instead of freaking out about it (as some on both sides of the issue are), I’m going to enjoy two heavyweights duking it out.

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