Democrats Rip Joe Biden After Crime Bill Betrayal, and Republicans Dunk in Humorous Fashion

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

As RedState reported, Joe Biden left his left-wing compatriots out in the cold recently after they overwhelmingly voted against a resolution to stop a controversial D.C. crime bill.


The bill in question, which was passed by the D.C. City Council and overturned a veto by Mayor Muriel Bowser, would have lowered penalties for violent crimes like carjackings despite crime in the nation’s capital continuing to surge.

According to Axios, House Democrats are “rip roarin’ pissed” after Biden initially indicated he would support the bill before doing an about-face and publicly promising to sign the resolution killing it.

House Democrats have communicated to the White House their frustrations — “Rip roarin’ pissed,” one member said of the mood — about Biden not making his position on the resolution clear before the House vote.

The politics of the situation are easy to decipher. Biden, being a man who continually panders to the most radical elements of his party, wanted to play to the far left. When it became clear that the resolution would pass, he jumped to the winning side in a farcical attempt to appear tough on crime. Americans know the truth, though. Biden couldn’t care less about lowering crime, and even though it’s been memory-holed by the press, Democrats own the “defund the police” movement.

Members of the D.C. City Council and other activists staged a protest on Wednesday to try to counter Biden’s shifting positions. Ultimately, it was unsuccessful and the resolution to kill the crime bill passed 81 to 14.


Republicans then took a victory lap with an assist from Sarah McLachlan.

Leadership played Sarah McLachlan’s famously downbeat song “Angel,” over a slide deck featuring tweets from House progressives criticizing Biden for not vetoing the bill, according to the Republican.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Pramila Jayapal, among others, had lashed out at the president over the prior week. Their complaints ultimately fell on deaf ears as the political reality of the situation set in for Democrats who aren’t from deep blue districts.

In the end, this was a good win for Republicans. They managed to corner Democrats and force them into a vote they didn’t want to take. If they can do more of that during this term, it will pay dividends, both electorally and in producing good policy. Making Democrats sign their names to their terrible policies is simply good governance.


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