Joe Biden Has a 'Moment' While Speaking in Wisconsin

Joe Biden speaks on the economy in Wisconsin (2/8/23). (Credit: Twitter/RNC Research)

President Joe Biden has really been feeling himself lately. Sure, inflation is still over three times the normal level, interest rates have skyrocketed, and our adversaries are flying spy balloons over the entire continental United States, but at least unemployment is low.


That it’s low because of a labor crunch, which only exacerbates the inflation problem, is beside the point. Things are just great, and Biden is going to let everyone know about it. To that effect, he traveled to Wisconsin after delivering a rough State of the Union address to talk about how the union jobs he’s propping up with government money.

That’s when this happened.

If you watch the clip, it’s as if Biden’s brain suddenly reboots in the middle of his speech. He goes quiet, staring into nothingness, looking off balance for a moment before putting his mic down on the podium only to bend over and pick it back up again. The president then mumbles something unintelligible (“got it over here” maybe?) and suddenly, he’s back online.

I’ve never seen another president have an episode like that, with it obviously not being Biden’s first time to short-circuit in the middle of a public appearance. During a sitdown with MSNBC in October, the president appeared to almost pass out while being questioned, startling the interviewer in the process.

What’s just as nuts, though, is the lack of reaction. When Biden had his issue on MSNBC, not a single mainstream press outlet even asked a question about what had happened. It’s as if they are purposely conditioning Americans to believe the president’s condition is normal and not concerning.


Expectedly, there were other moments where Biden had issues as well.

I’m convinced that Biden could be bedridden and the press would still be telling us it’s just a stutter. And this is the guy Democrats are going to run again in 2024? Maybe Biden will shock the world by being the only person in history suffering from mental decline to suddenly turn back the hands of time, but I sincerely doubt it. The only real question in my mind is how long his handlers can keep this up.


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