Biden's Defenders Are Running out of Excuses for His Criminality

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On Saturday, we learned that yet another batch of classified documents was found at Joe Biden’s Wilmington, DE home. This time, in what can only be called a serious escalation, the DOJ was conducting the search, and the discoveries made blew the scandal wide open.


Far from the initial excuse offered by the White House that some briefings had just accidentally gotten swept up in the packing process of Biden’s vice presidential office, this newest find contained classified documents from his senatorial days. As I explained in my write-up on that revelation, it is improbable to accidentally take classified information as a senator because of the security protocols, which logically means Biden had to have known what he took and why he took it.

Early on in the scandal, I commented that every person going out on a limb to defend Biden would eventually have it sawed off out from under them. That’s happened multiple times at this point with the slow-roll of documents being found coupled with the White House’s purposeful obfuscation of the timeline. These latest developments have the left running out of ways to move the goalposts, though.

For example, some are still trying to draw a distinction that Biden is in the clear because he’s supposedly cooperating, whatever that means given he illegally possessed these documents for years, and in regard to some of them, decades.


To recap, Biden’s defenders started by asserting that this was all no big deal because it was just one trove of documents that were inadvertently packed up as he left the Obama administration behind. Then, after a second set of documents was found in the president’s garage, they assured everyone that it was fine because he was cooperating and being transparent.

Of course, that wasn’t true. To the extent that cooperation was happening, it was because Biden no longer had a choice, and as to transparency, there was none. The administration covered up the timeline until the DOJ revealed that the second set of documents was found in December. That means that Karine Jean-Pierre and other Biden surrogates dishonestly framed the first set of documents as a one-off knowing there were more. By the time the special counsel was appointed, things took a darker turn, with the White House becoming increasingly combative.

Now, with a fifth trove of documents being discovered, this time by the DOJ itself, claims that Biden was unaware he had all this stuff no longer make any sense, and that’s left his defenders nowhere else to go. That’s why they are now spouting these silly, meaningless qualifications about Biden consenting to the search. Who knew that if a criminal doesn’t obstruct his own investigation after being caught, the crime simply ceases to exist? That’s where we are in the line of ridiculous excuses being offered.


No matter how much the left asserts otherwise, the fact is that Biden violated the law. To the extent that Trump possibly did so in a different way (though, he has the legal case to make that he declassified the documents he possessed, a power Biden did not have) is irrelevant. The standard of the law is not “but the orange man.” Cooperation after the fact does not make a crime disappear. If it does in this case, then the fix was simply in.



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