Elon Musk Says More Smoking Guns Are on the Way

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Elon Musk set the leftwing mob ablaze on Friday evening after he released internal documents detailing Twitter’s collusion with various entities, including the Biden campaign, to censor the Hunter Biden story. Supposedly unbiased reporters gnashed their teeth, apparently horrified at the practice of such transparency.


Well, those people better get fitted for a mouthguard, because there’s more fun to be had. According to Musk, who spoke during a Twitter Spaces session on Saturday evening, more smoking guns are on the way.

Fox News has the report.

Billionaire Elon Musk says “more smoking guns” are on the way after Friday’s release of Twitter’s internal communications regarding the alleged censoring of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story.

Musk made the announcement during a Saturday Q&A session on Twitter Spaces. Journalist Matt Taibbi published numerous internal Twitter documents showing how top executives handled censorship decisions surrounding the 2020 election.

“We’re just gonna put all the information out there try to get a clean slate we will be iteratively better and it will force other media companies to also be more truthful or else they’ll lose their readership,” Musk said Saturday.

This isn’t surprising at all. You don’t get to be the richest man on earth without having some sense of strategy, and Musk has played the left like a fiddle up to this point. There’s so much left to expose as far as what went on under Twitter’s old regime, and the Hunter Biden story, as bad as it is, is just the beginning.


The most obvious example would be the CDC’s collusion with Twitter to suppress opinions about COVID-19. We’ve already seen suggestions to that effect, but if Musk has documentary evidence that the federal government colluded to suppress the First Amendment rights of individuals, that’s a huge deal. Further, I’d suggest it’s an impeachable offense because if it isn’t, then nothing is.

I’m also curious to see how the algorithm was manipulated over the last decade to limit the reach of conservative accounts. Shadow-banning (making accounts not show up in searches) was obviously happening, but some of the decisions to outright ban certain accounts were also dubious at best. The TOS was clearly not being applied equally, as leftwing accounts could seemingly do anything, including organizing violence (i.e. Antifa accounts) without receiving even a suspension.

The possibilities are endless here as far as Musk revealing corruption at the nation’s most politically relevant social media company, and he seems determined to follow through on his promises. Why wouldn’t he after Democrats spent the last year viciously attacking him? Had the left been smart, they would have refrained from melting down over Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, buying themselves some good will. But they aren’t smart so we get what we got, and I’m absolutely here for the fireworks. Get ready for a lot more heartburn from the leftwing hysterics.




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