Jordan Peterson Reveals the Hilariously Brilliant Way He Avoids Leftwing Protesters

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer

With the news being so dominated by Elon Musk news, how about a little Saturday palate cleanser?

Jordan Peterson, who recently had his Twitter account restored after being banned for questioning transgender ideology, has become one of the more prominent thinkers on the right, though he himself does not come from a conservative background. For years, Peterson has made the rounds as a university speaker, with an emphasis on helping young men, and now he’s sharing exactly how he avoids the rabid leftwing protesters who label him a “Nazi.”


It manages to be both hilarious and brilliant.

In the interview, Peterson says that he holds his lectures at a very specific time: Eight o’clock in the morning. Why? Because the far-left anarchists who usually try to force conservative speakers off college campuses with intimidation and sometimes violence are too lazy to get out of bed to confront him.

If that’s not the perfect description of your average Democrat activist, I don’t know what is. These people are not impressive. They are not driven. They are simply listless individuals who lack any real purpose in their lives, irrationally lashing out at those who disagree with them.

And that’s the real problem, right? When politics becomes someone’s religion instead of actual religion, that isn’t a path that leads to balance and peace. It’s a path that leads to constant escalation of insanity, always rushing to push the current thing with no boundaries and no anchor.

Peterson is not a Nazi. He’s not even all that controversial, when you actually listen to what he has to say. His gravest sin, at least according to the left, is telling young men to clean their rooms and to make something of themselves. But in this day and age, you aren’t supposed to do that. Encouraging someone to step outside of their baseline autonomy to do things in an objectively better way is seen as bigotry. For my money, society could use a lot more of that, though, not less.


Regardless, it’s good to see Peterson hasn’t grown jaded and still has his sense of humor, given all the attacks he’s absorbed. No one is perfect, and I don’t agree with everything he says, but he’s a positive force out there in the midst of abject craziness. I don’t think the left is going to have much luck slowing him down.


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