Adam Schiff Has an Incredible Change of Heart on Congressional Investigations

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The tables have turned in the House of Representatives, and now, the hunters will become the prey. After years of Democrat partisans “investigating” Republicans for any manner of nonsense, the Biden administration and its cohorts in Congress will finally face some real pressure, albeit limited.


That reality led to a very interesting exchange on CNN on Sunday morning. Rep. Adam Schiff, who has spent his entire tenure blabbing on cable news, promoting one made-up “scandal” after another, was asked whether he would comply with a Republican House subpoena. His answer was as brazen as it was unsurprising.

It’s enough to make you want to go beat your head against a brick wall. Schiff has spent years treating subpoenas as religious rites, unquestionable and all-powerful. Now, the moment he may face one, he has decided that a judgment on the “validity” of the subpoena is in order, whatever that means. I guess Schiff believes he gets to decide that, though, I’m pretty sure that’s not how the law works.

Of course, Dana Bash, the CNN propagandist interviewing him offered no pushback because why would she? After all, this is the same network that had anchors crying on election night in 2016 after finding out Donald Trump had won. You can’t expect one of their anchors to actually offer a fair and balanced take.

What makes this all the more hypocritical is that Schiff helped take down Steve Bannon on “contempt of Congress” charges in the months prior. In fact, the California congressman was so hyped up that he put out a video on his website bragging about his role in the process. In it, while speaking with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (because who else?), Schiff called Bannon’s indictment for ignoring the House subpoena a “powerful message.”


That respect for the rule of law has suddenly disappeared, and we all know why. Because Schiff is a ridiculous hack who had no business ever being near power. His notoriety has been completely propped up by baseless investigations of his political opponents, but when the shoe is on the other foot, he wants to pretend they aren’t legitimate.

Well, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. House Republicans should see Schiff’s open defiance as a challenge. There are a lot of subpoenas that should go out come January. Schiff should be one of the first names on the list. Make him play the rules he set during the Trump years and continued to enforce into the first two years of Biden’s term. If he doesn’t show up, make a criminal referral and force the DOJ to ignore it. Get everyone on record as the hypocrites they are.


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