Joe Biden's Transgender Insanity Gets Crushed in Court

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One of the most deranged aspects of the Biden administration has been its pushing of radical transgender ideology in the medical field. Well past just letting people do what they want, the president and his handlers have sought to force doctors to partake in activities that violate their principle to do no harm.


That includes being forced to prescribe puberty blockers and hormone blockers to those who have no medical need for them as well as having to refer patients for “gender-affirming” surgeries that permanently harm them.

Thankfully, in a blow to the transgender lobby, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas has ruled that Biden’s edict on those matters is not lawful.

Last night, America First Legal (AFL) secured a massive victory for its clients and for doctors across the United States when the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas issued a decision declaring that the Biden Administration’s edict requiring doctors to provide transgender medical services–including requiring doctors to prescribe “puberty blockers,” “hormone therapy” for children, and referrals for surgeries that result in castration, sterilization, and genital mutilation–is unlawful.

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibits discrimination in health programs that receive federal funding “on the basis of sex.” The Biden Administration unilaterally determined–based on an atextual reading of the statute and a misinterpretation of the Supreme Court’s decision in Bostock–that section 1557 of the ACA also prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and discrimination on the basis of gender identity. In practice, the Biden Administration planned to use its interpretation to force doctors to provide medical care against their best medical judgment or face the loss of access to any medical plans that receive federal funding.


That this is even an issue has been one of the most shocking parts of the last decade. Doctors should not be forced to harm people just because they are delusional enough to think it’s necessary. Unfortunately, the medical establishment, stocked with leftwing ideologues, has rearranged standards and played the role of authority in suggesting that not “transitioning” someone is dangerous.

Of course, there’s no data to back that up, and as much as suicide rates are brought up, there’s little evidence that pumping kids full of hormones and chopping their body parts off somehow lowers the suicide rate. Again, it’s shocking that we are even having an argument over this.

What the Biden administration did was take a provision in the Affordable Care Act that says you can’t discriminate based on “sex,” twisting it into not being able to discriminate based on “gender identity.” So a person could go to a doctor offering a counter-reality about their “gender,” and then demand that doctor, by force of law, take part in helping them harm themselves. That is not how the medical profession is supposed to work, and for the government to threaten to withhold federal funding (i.e. Medicaid, etc.) from doctors who refused to bend to such lunacy is tyrannical.


Hopefully, this ruling in Texas is a step back toward sanity. This country already has a lack of medical professionals. Driving more out of the field in order to please a tiny minority of transgender radicals is not only crazy, but it’s also outright dangerous considering the need for healthcare services among all Americans.



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