Hillary Clinton Delivers BlueAnon Rant Saying Republicans Are Going to 'Literally' Steal the Election

Perhaps that time Hillary Clinton wandered the woods alone with a bottle of wine after the 2016 election should have been seen as a red flag.

The twice-defeated presidential candidate and darling of the national press is back, and she’s crazier than ever. In what can only be described as a bizarre release, Clinton put out a video directly claiming that “right-wing extremists” have a “plan to literally steal the next presidential election.”


I guess she’s now an ambassador for BlueAnon.

The first thing to note here is that you don’t have to “steal” something if you win it in the first place. Republicans are favored in the 2024 election as of this moment, especially if Joe Biden runs again. Poll after poll shows Donald Trump (and Ron DeSantis) doing well against both Biden and Kamala Harris, if not outright winning in most surveys. Given that, why would Republicans need to enact some vast conspiracy to overturn elections at the state level?

Regardless, nothing she says is true past her initial accusation. The “right-wing controlled Supreme Court” is not attempting to allow state legislators to refuse to certify electors. There’s not even a hint of that, and to this point, the Supreme Court has shown extreme deference to even getting involved in such topics. Clinton’s ranting of evil conservative Justices looking to steal the 2024 election is as nonsensical as it is delusional.

Besides, even if we were to ignore all the falsities in her claim, where exactly are these state legislatures that are willing to overturn election results? That wasn’t even attempted by any legislature in any state in 2020, and conditions for that to even be a possibility have only hardened since then.


In short, Clinton has lost her mind. Her constant defeats have left her a shell of her former self, desperately lashing out in an attempt to remain relevant. Here, she puts together a ridiculous theory that the media will proclaim as thoughtful but that is actually no different than the “stop the steal” movement the very same media detested.

We all know what this is. Democrats are staring at electoral oblivion in November, and given Biden’s clear mental decline, they can see the tide turning against them in 2024 as well. They need to stoke fear in an attempt to turn the tables. That means that after Democrats lose the mid-terms, election denial is suddenly going to be back in style. So get ready for it.


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