Clean-Up on Aisle Biden By His Handlers Just Makes Things All the Worse

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Joe Biden’s senility isn’t new, but that doesn’t make the last week’s escalation of his condition any less concerning.

Things kicked off Tuesday when Biden delivered a gaffe-filled speech on abortion. By Friday, clips of an MSNBC interview begin to circulate, and in one of them, the president appeared to nearly pass out until the interviewer stepped in. Hours prior on the same day, Biden had gone on an unintelligible rant while campaigning with John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.


Then there was Sunday. The president attended a forum put on by the radically leftwing outlet NowThis News, and at one point, he was interviewed by a man who claims to be going through “girlhood” as a transgender “girl.” Yes, it was as disturbing as it sounds, with Biden fully endorsing the mutilation of young children in the process.

At the same event, though, the president made another wild claim. Specifically, he said that his illegal student loan forgiveness order was actually passed in Congress by “a vote or two.” That was obviously news to everyone given that Congress never even brought a bill to the floor on the issue, much less did they vote on one.

I’d encourage everyone to watch the clip before reading further because he clearly says what he says in regard to Congress supposedly passing a bill to forgive student debt. There is no missing context. He didn’t stumble over his words. He just outright proclaimed it with authority.

That left his handlers scrambling, and a day later, they have finally come up with a reason for Biden’s completely false comments. Apparently, he actually meant another bill that he didn’t mention and which does nothing to address student loan debt.


The lies are just getting lazier and lazier. I mean, I know that Karine Jean-Pierre is the worst press secretary in modern history, but you’d think she could get a few people around here with some sense of creativity. If you are going to tell a falsehood, at least make it somewhat believable, otherwise, it just mimics parody.

Biden was not talking about the Inflation Reduction Act. There is no argument to be made that he was. We can all watch the video. He himself never made that argument nor did he even elude to such. Rather, this clean-up attempt is a clear retcon, completely made up after the fact. And because of that, it simply insults the intelligence of every fair-minded onlooker observing this abject farce of a presidential administration.

Laughably, to put a cherry on top of things, the clearly false statement put out by Biden’s comms shop to “correct” what he said was later corrected. The mention of “millions” was meant to read as “billions.” The president’s handlers are complete amateurs, which makes the arrogance dripping from their every utterance all the more absurd.


None of this stops until the press begins to call it out for what it is, and while I’ve got no love for the mainstream media, I do think the gloves are going to come off after the mid-terms. They are holding their fire in the hope that Democrats can stave off the red wave. Once it crashes on the shore, though, a lot of people are going to go under the bus, first and foremost the mentally degraded man occupying the Oval Office.


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