Lead Prosecutor for Robert Mueller Rips the Mask Completely off in Insane Display

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There have been a lot of villains at the Department of Justice over the years, with no shortage of “public servants” who have abused their power. Yet, Andrew Weissmann stands tall above the rest, at least in the last few decades.


Weissmann first became a national figure as part of the Enron Task Force where he engaged in prosecutorial misconduct so egregious that numerous convictions were overturned. Unsealed documents later showed that he and his team intimidated witnesses and attempted to interfere in the attorney-client relationship of a witness. Weissmann also took down the accounting firm Arthur Anderson before eventually being slapped down by the Supreme Court.

What was left in the wake of Weissmann’s crusade? Destroyed companies, people put in prison that shouldn’t have been there, and thousands of lost jobs. And what was his punishment? He received an award for excellence from the DOJ.

Unfortunately, Weissmann’s partisan rancor didn’t end there. Years later, he would be appointed as the lead prosecutor for the Robert Mueller special counsel investigating Donald Trump. What followed was years of targeted leaks in an attempt to destroy a political opponent before Mueller and his cronies finally washed their hands of the matter. And what was Weissmann’s punishment? He retired with full benefits in order to go start a media career, becoming a regular on MSNBC.


That leads me to some of his present-day antics. Weissmann has become a favorite BlueAnon account on social media, and he dropped this insanely revealing post on Friday.

I knew this guy was a partisan hack. There’s been ample evidence of that for years. But to compare the wife of a Supreme Court justice to a historical figure who argued for a non-aggression pact between the US and Hitler, insinuating that Ginni Thomas would have supported the Holocaust, is absolutely crazy. Further, for his analogy to even work, we would have to assume there is a current Holocaust on the horizon for Thomas to be complicit in. What is this absolute moron talking about?

Ginni Thomas’ grave sin was having a few discussions about how to challenge the 2020 election through the courts and Congress. No matter what one thinks of her pursuit, any comparison of that to the murder of millions of Jews and other minorities is so insultingly grotesque as to leave only disgust and denouncement as the viable response.


What this shows is just how terrible of a person Weissmann is. He can’t simply see his political opponents as those he disagrees with. Instead, he seeks to weaponize government power to destroy anyone who would get in his way. Despite being outside of government now, he still lobbies to see the long arm of the DOJ used to crush those that dare dissent. That’s tyrannical and dangerous, and it needs to be called out.

It is legitimately frightening that the DOJ is made up of people like Weissmann. These are your career bureaucrats, left to serve as “unbiased” arbiters when they are anything but that. The seamless transition so many of these officials make from government to leftwing cable news disturbing at best, and it’s really a mask-off moment. It’s also why the next Republican president must clean house, no matter what outrage follows.


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