Joe Biden Fiddles While Rome Burns

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

On Saturday, Joe Biden departed for yet another vacation to their Delaware beach house. That marks 242 days spent on rest and pleasure since the president took office less than two years ago.


The evening before his departure, the White House hosted a massive party to mark the passage of $6 billion in taxpayer money on AIDS and HIV research and prevention. All the stops were pulled out, with a large glass and metal awning being erected, lined with state-of-the-art sound equipment so Elton John could perform live. The crowd cheered and the champagne flowed as the smart set partook in the spoils of the beltway.

That stood in stark contrast to the events of the day, including a stock market crash that dropped the Dow Jones Industrial Average well below where it stood the day Biden took office. With it went trillions in retirement savings that people had spent years, and in many cases, decades growing. To date, most retirement accounts are about 25 percent off their highs under Biden.

Meanwhile, the economic fundamentals look horrific as inflation continues to run historically hot, wages decrease, and interest rates skyrocket. Short of a miracle, it is just a matter of time before the jobs market begins to decline as well, eliminating the last excuse used by the administration to claim the nation isn’t in a recession.

On the border, over two million illegal immigrant apprehensions have occurred in 2022 alone, and that’s not counting the nearly a million estimated “got-a-ways” that were never taken into custody. A humanitarian crisis has reached its pique, both for those making the dangerous journey to cross and for those overdosing on fentanyl brought over by the drug cartels.


And you know what? Joe Biden couldn’t care less.

Like Nero in 64 A.D. as Rome burned, the president is too busy having a good time to care about the welfare of those he ostensibly leads. He’s living the dream, having finally conned enough people to send him to the White House after decades of failed campaigns. If he wants to go to Delaware, he’s going to go. If he wants to spend your money on a bloated White House party, complete with an appearance by Elton John, then that’s what he’ll do. All the while, you struggle to pay your rent and afford groceries for your children.

The optics of it all are terrible, but why would Biden worry about that? He’s got a compliant press ready to spin everything in his favor. Accountability? Don’t make the president laugh. Sure, the nation is crumbling on his watch, largely due to his chosen policies, but that’s not important. What’s important is that Biden is enjoying himself. So the fiddling will continue.


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