Democrats Wail After LA County Supervisor Raid, Irony Dies in the Process

On Wednesday, Jennifer Van Laar dropped a report on a Sheriff’s raid of the home of LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. Kuehl previously made national headlines for calling those opposed to mask mandates, “snowflakes.”


The county supervisor also happens to be caught up in a corruption scandal involving the directing of a large sum of money to an organization run by her friend for a little-used LA Metro sexual harassment hotline. But while you’d think Democrats are all on board with dawn raids given their more recent reactions to the FBI using such tactics, you’ll be shocked to learn they are really upset by this.

LA politicians lined up to condemn the raid, and irony died in the process.


These are the same people from the same party that pumped their fists at the raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. They loved the pre-dawn raids of Trump associates, with them being marched out in handcuffs in their underwear. They said that no one should question the actions of law enforcement and that information about searches should be kept secret. Yet, the moment that law enforcement stops being used for their political purposes and starts actually investigating legitimate corruption, the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins.

The mention of the warrant having “no information in it at all” is especially rich. Well, what did they expect? Warrants rarely lay out more than the basic right to search and what’s seizable. Did she think there’d be a dissertation on it?

Kuehl served on the board of directors for the LA Metro. She personally helped steer nearly $1,000,000 to a close friend’s non-profit for a service that is largely unnecessary. Who needs a million bucks to answer a few phone calls a day? It’s so obvious what happened here, and prosecutors should be looking deeply into the details for possible criminal activity. That some LA politicians are upset by this is a good thing. It just means the Sheriff is over the target.


Personally, even though I don’t think this investigation of Kuehl is political, I love the implications of it. Make Democrats play by their own rules. Make them deal with raids if they break the law. Show them there isn’t a two-tiered justice system that will always protect them. It’s the only way to bring some semblance of credibility and sanity back to the current situation.



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