Joe Biden Talks About Why He Ran for President, Tells Revealing Lie in the Process

Jim Watson/Pool via AP

Why did Joe Biden run for president during the 2020 cycle? To hear him tell it, it all started with what happened at Charlottesville. According to Biden, that was the catalyst that showed him how he must take the steps necessary to defeat Donald Trump and “save” the “soul” of the nation.


Of course, that never really rang true. What did a small group of neo-nazis have to do with Trump? Yet, Biden insists that he saw the tiki torches and just knew that he was the man to “fix” the situation.

That leads me to a comment Biden made on Thursday that I believe is very revealing of his character. While once again recounting the harrowing tale of how he reluctantly stepped up to be president, he repeated a lie he’s told many times.

As mentioned above, Biden never taught a class while he was a “professor of practice” at the University of Pennsylvania. That was a figurehead title given to him only because he served as vice president. At no point did he enter a classroom and teach a class, though, he continues to pretend he did.


Why? I think the reason connects to a broader flaw in Biden’s character that is revealed by the fact that he constantly tries to portray himself as something he’s not. The president is a classic BS artist. We’ve all heard the tales about Corn Pop and fighting people with bike chains. None of it is actually true, or at the very least, there’s no evidence any of it is actually true.

The common theme in these lies is an attempt by Biden to make himself seem bigger than he is. The idea that he wasn’t going to run for president until Charlottesville doesn’t begin to pass muster. No one goes from sitting on their butt in their basement to running for president because a few dozen morons walked around a bonfire shouting “the Jews will not replace us.”

No, Biden’s plan to run was calculated long before that and completely self-serving. He had been trying to win the presidency since the 1980s, and the Biden family’s ambition is off the charts. They aren’t reluctant public servants. They are leeches who want to drain the government dry until the day they die while making themselves famous in the process.


So this idea that he was just happy teaching at UPenn is nonsense. He was never teaching at UPenn, and he certainly wasn’t happy being out of the spotlight. Instead, he exploited a tragedy to propel himself to higher office, an office he’s proceeded to use to nearly destroy the country. That’s not laudable, and no matter how many lies Biden tells, we know the truth. He’s just a pathetic, angry old man pretending to be something he’s not.


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