IG Report Details Crimes By DOJ Officials and the Scandalous Response

I’d love to not have to write multiple articles in one day about the corruption at the Department of Justice, but alas, that’s not the world we live in.


Joe Biden’s completely out-of-control DOJ has spent much of its time recently targeting Donald Trump and other political opponents of the White House. As RedState reported, a spate of subpoenas went out demanding phone and text message records from Trump associates, including his lawyer. What was the reasoning given?  It wasn’t that actions were taken to somehow illegally overturn the 2020 election. Instead, it was that those subpoenaed may have simply discussed how to delay certification. In other words, wrong-think.

We have the DOJ pretending the First Amendment doesn’t exist in order to pursue things that sure don’t seem to actually be crimes. But when it comes to real criminal activity? Well, they’ve just got no time for that, at least when it concerns their own. That’s the story of a new DOJ Inspector General report detailing numerous crimes committed by DOJ officials.


In one case, an Assistant US Attorney went on a date and sexually assaulted a woman. That same same person also exposed his genitalia in public. What was the response? No prosecution.

In another case, an Assistant US Attorney was pulled over for driving drunk. Likely in response to his intoxicated state, the US Attorney then kicked the police officer’s car. What was the response? No prosecution.

In yet another case, an Assistant US Attorney had inappropriate contact with a foreign State Department official. Apparently, the woman’s chin was grabbed and jerked toward the US Attorney while he was too drunk to know where he was. What was the response? No prosecution.

In fact, there’s no data provided that any of this behavior was even strongly punished in a non-criminal fashion. If someone would have been fired over these incidents, that would have been public knowledge. Whatever was done in-house, if anything was done in-house, was kept quiet. Meanwhile, crimes that would have led to immediate prosecution if they involved you or I were apparently let off at the federal and state levels. How’s that for accountability?


If no one was even fired over this stuff, that’s absolutely insane. It’s even crazier when you juxtapose it with how the DOJ is treating its political enemies. The two-tiered justice system is alive and well. If you oppose the regime, they will go hard at you with every tool at their disposal, and sometimes, with those that aren’t. But if you are a DOJ official out there sexually assaulting people, it’s a slap on the wrist and a sweep under the rug. All we can do is add it to the list of reasons why the DOJ must be knee-capped.


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