Joe Biden Attempts to Change Shape in Deranged Public Display

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Unsurprisingly, the Democrat Party remains in denial about what it has become over the last several years. Once upon a time, a liberal could loudly proclaim themselves as standing for the “working man” without receiving four Pinocchios. That period has passed, though, and Joe Biden has apparently not gotten the message.


On Monday, he gave a series of Labor Day speeches in which he came across as deranged, both because of how he appeared and what he said. Things got so bad that he had what some are describing as a Howard Dean moment, and I think agree. Take a look for yourself.

It sure looks like Biden’s handlers didn’t quite get his drug cocktail dialed in. The shrieking and the anger, it’s uncomfortable to watch. You’d also be forgiven for asking exactly what he’s even talking about. How have the Democrats beaten “Pharma?”

After all, isn’t it the Democrats who have made Moderna, Pfizer, and other Big Pharma outfits subsidiaries of their party? The Biden administration has directed billions and billions of dollars into the industry. They’ve even tried to mandate, at the federal level, that you get a never-ending amount of COVID vaccines and boosters. To be sure, there is no bigger fan of the Biden administration over the last two years than Big Pharma.

So to see Biden start shouting about how he beat them should make anyone scratch their head. Is he just that senile? Or does he think Americans are just that stupid? It’s probably a little of both, but a message put out by Biden’s social media team on the same day provided a little more insight into the strategy being deployed.


It’s absurd enough to claim that Biden and the Democrats are anti-Big Pharma, but to see the president now try to claim he’s anti-Wall Street as well is downright unbelievable.

What are the facts? Joe Biden received over 2.5 times as many donations from Wall Street as Donald Trump did. That trend has carried over into the mid-terms as big business continues to strongly prefer the Democrat Party, with woke-ness becoming commonplace in executive offices. Are we really to believe that Wall Street prefers Republicans but just happens to give the vast majority of its donations to Democrats? Come on, no one actually thinks that’s true, and it’s ludicrous for Biden to now pretend he’s standing up against big business and hedge funds.

The Democrat Party is now a party almost exclusively controlled by over-educated, wealthy white elites. It is not the party of blue-collar workers, with its only remaining connection to the middle-class coming in the form of propping up of labor unions that then funnel back cash in return.


Biden’s weak attempt at shifting shape into a guy who understands the struggle is not going to pass muster with anyone that has two brain cells to rub together. At the end of the day, he’s a Big Pharma-loving rich guy who spends every weekend at his beach house in Delaware. Wall Street loves him because he loves them back. The president may want to run from that reality, but he can’t, and his gaslighting should be laughed out of the room.



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