Top Biden Advisor's Disgusting Rant Against Republican Voters Leads to a Key Question

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Did you know that Keisha Lance Bottoms, once an abject failure of a mayor in Atlanta, is now working for the Biden administration? I didn’t either, but apparently, she’s serving as a top advisor because as I’ve said many times, failing up is a staple of Democrat politics.


On Sunday, Bottoms appeared on ABC News, no doubt friendly territory, to try to explain away Joe Biden’s grotesque national address where he essentially labeled half of the country a threat to the republic. When pressed on whether the president has “given up” on those tens of millions of Americans, she had no real answer.

But while Bottoms refused to answer the question directly, the rest of her commentary left little to the imagination. Here’s the transcript for those who can’t watch the video.

RADDATZ: All of us? He wasn’t calling out to the MAGA supporters certainly. He mentioned them more than a dozen times and — as a threat to democracy.

Has the president essentially given up on those MAGA Republicans, some 70 million people?

BOTTOMS: Well, what the president has done is said that he will continue to work with mainstream Republicans, that he will work with Democrats, that he will work with Independents, to get things done in our country.

But this MAGA Republican agenda, this hate-fueled agenda, this MAGA Republican agenda that we saw incite violence on our nation’s Capitol has no place in a democracy. And if we are not intentional about calling it out, which is what the president did, then our country — everything that our country is built upon is in danger.


Let me dissect this a bit. Notice Bottoms’ language about Biden working with “mainstream” Republicans. What that translates to is any Republican who is willing to do what the president wants. If you aren’t amicable to his demands, then you aren’t “mainstream.” Biden has made himself the arbiter of what is and isn’t acceptable in the opposition party, and the media just goes along with that standard as if it’s not ridiculous and hypocritical.

So if you are Mitt Romney and vote for Biden’s infrastructure boondoggle, then you are a “mainstream” Republican who can be spared. But if you oppose his destructive agenda and dare to have counter opinions to that of the far-left, then you are a “threat” to democracy and must be destroyed. Isn’t that nice? That’s only the kind of viewpoint that tin-pot dictators throughout history have held and abided by.

Past that, I’d love to ask Bottoms and the rest of the Biden administration one question. If “MAGA” Republicans are so horrible and dangerous, what exactly should be done about them? I’m hearing a lot of heated rhetoric and absurd proclamations, but what would Joseph R. Biden like to do with all these evil Republicans hanging about? Throw them in camps? Take away their rights? Not allow them to vote?


No reporter with access will ever be brave enough to ask that question, but it’s the big one at hand, isn’t it? If Democrats are going to go all in with not just opposing but “othering” their political opponents, where does that train end? They ought to be made to provide an answer to that, otherwise, they should stop their ridiculous ranting.


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