Trump Announces PA Rally, and It's Going to Be a Barn Burner

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Donald Trump is headed to Pennsylvania to bolster his endorsees, both of which took the nominations in the state’s top races. Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano are struggling if you believe the polls (you probably shouldn’t), and the former president is swooping in for what is probably going to be the first of several visits to the hotly contested state.


The rally will take place in early September and there’s every reason to believe it’s going to be a barn burner.

What poll watchers in August, especially the election bro data nerds, can’t seem to grasp is that these campaigns do not really start until September. That’s when the big ad buys drop. It’s when campaign events heat up and become larger and more frequent. It’s also when most voters begin to pay attention. Heck, even regarding polling, it’s when likely voter screens become more prevalent and start to shift the results.

In other words, all the doom and gloom about Pennsylvania, including from Mitch McConnell, is overwrought and premature. There is no reason to be writing off Oz and Mastriano before there’s even been a debate. There’s certainly no reason to do so before Trump himself has even shown back up in the state given his ability to drive turnout.

Besides, the supposed strength of the Democrat opponents is a mirage. John Fetterman is a bum who is currently living off a made-up online persona. A recent video of him attempting to return to the campaign trail was so bad that he scheduled no more events after it. Fetterman ignored his doctor for years, had a massive stroke, and now speaks like he’s been doing crack for the last 30 years. There’s a reason he won’t commit to doing a single debate, and it’s not because he’s just so darn clever.


Never mind that Fetterman is lying to voters when he claims to be a hoodie-wearing everyman from the streets. In reality, he went to Harvard before becoming a professional bum, living off his parents until he was almost 50, and buying a house for $1 from his sister. The guy is a fraud, and the more this campaign drags on, the more apparent that’s going to be.

And you know who isn’t going to be afraid to say all that? Donald J. Trump.

You can bet the house that the former president is going to take the gloves off and go right at Fetterman on issues that even Oz has been too tepid to address. It’s going to be hilarious, and yes, I think it will help move the needle.

Lastly, as a suggestion, if I were Trump, I’d be calling Kathy Barnette and asking her to appear to give a formal endorsement of Oz. Enough is enough of the party split going on there. Oz won the primary and he needs to be supported.



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