Gross Conflict of Interest Regarding January 6th Committee Revealed

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While Liz Cheney’s epic defeat in Wyoming has stolen the headlines, the congresswoman isn’t quite done yet, and neither is the January 6th committee she helps lead. The Daily Caller has a new report out exposing what appears to be a pretty big conflict of interest involving a contractor the committee has hired with your tax dollars.


One of the investigative consultants brought in just so happens to be married to a high-level official who is supposed to be under scrutiny by the committee.

The Jan. 6 Committee hired an investigative consultant who could have a major “conflict of interest,” watchdogs told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Brian Young is a senior financial investigator at the consultancy Polar Solutions Inc and a contractor for the Jan. 6 Committee, according to his LinkedIn profile and an internal congressional document obtained by the DCNF. But he is also married to House Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA) Kim E. Campbell, the second most senior official in the SAA, which like the U.S. Capitol Police is being probed by the committee for security failures in connection to the Capitol riot.

Ostensibly, the January 6th committee exists to examine the failures that occurred on that day in order to recommend changes to prevent a future breach of the Capitol Building. I say ostensibly because we all know that’s not what they are really doing, as the focus has been almost exclusively on unsubstantiated innuendo and out-of-context accusations against Donald Trump.


Still, it seems like a big conflict of interest to hire the husband of the House Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms to investigate the security failures that happened. Wouldn’t the entire point be to get an unbiased view of how the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Capitol Police, and other law enforcement agencies not only responded, but prepared for what happened? It wasn’t exactly a mystery that there could be unrest, as evidenced by the fact that there was talk of mobilizing the National Guard prior.

What gets me is just how incestuous DC is. We are talking about a city of nearly a million people surrounded by an area of millions and millions of other people in a country of over 300 million people. And the January 6th committee couldn’t find anyone else to hire as an investigator except the husband of someone who is supposed to be under investigation? It’s just gross to witness how politicians and officials operate in Washington. They do things in ways that no normal person would ever get away with.

The other thing to note is what this says about Liz Cheney’s supposed integrity. Namely, that she doesn’t have any despite all her virtue signaling. Cheney is as much a part of the swamp as anyone else in and around the beltway, and she clearly doesn’t care at all about operating the January 6th committee in a credible way. It’s just a partisan tool for her that serves as a way to get the bad orange man while letting everyone else on the other side of the equation off the hook, including those actually in charge of security at the Capitol Building.



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