CBS News Poll Provides Red Flag After Red Flag for Democrats

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Is the Democrat Party on the rebound heading into November’s mid-term elections? If the latest CBS News poll is any indication, the answer is a resounding “no.”


Despite proclamations that Joe Biden is “back in the game” and that the left is enjoying a bump following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the survey provides red flag after red flag for Democrats. And while the CBS News shows have spent Sunday morning trying their hardest to spin the findings by focusing heavily on female opposition to Republicans over abortion, even that “good news” for Democrats is tempered by a lack of enthusiasm.

Every single election cycle, Democrats and their media allies convince themselves that they are going to turn out young voters and shift elections. Every single election cycle, that plan falls flat. It looks like that’ll happen again in November, with under-30 voters being, by far, the least enthusiastic demographic for the mid-terms.

As to the liberal wine-mom contingent, while they are really big on abortion, they are also suffering from a lack of enthusiasm. And what does a lack of enthusiasm lead to? It leads to decreased turnout, something Democrats can’t afford given their epic collapse among Hispanic voters, which is also reflected in this poll.


You are reading that correctly. The GOP has closed a 40-point gap with Hispanic voters since 2018, bringing it to just three points in 2022, and there’s every reason to think things could continue to shift further before the votes are cast. Democrats have taken a huge demographic advantage and sacrificed it on the alter of woke-ism over the last two cycles. I hope it was worth it to solidify those gains with suburban white women.

There’s more bad news, though. On the issue of January 6th, no one cares except Democrats.

If you are asking why 15 percent of Republicans think January 6th is important to their vote, it’s almost certainly because they disapprove of the select committee, and with only 45 percent of independents saying it’s a factor, the issue is just not a gamechanger for Democrats. Further attempts to drag out the hearings all the way until November will likely only lead to further polarization. That’s the corner Democrats have painted themselves into. They’ve obsessed over issues that don’t move the dial, and that will end poorly for them.


As to the overall numbers, CBS News projects the electorate will be four points in the GOP’s favor. That’s an exact flip from what they found in 2018, where Democrats held a four-point advantage.

There’s just nothing here for Democrats to hang their hat on. Yes, college-educated white women still love them, but that’s been baked into the cake for a long time now. The shift in the Hispanic vote is going to be massive, putting many seats in play that were thought to favor Democrats. Meanwhile, inflation and the economy continue to be the top issues for voters, and that’s not going to improve significantly anytime soon.


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