Democrat Who Flipped off GOP at Congressional Baseball Game Provides Laughable Excuse for Her Behavior

On Thursday evening, Republicans previewed November’s election results by putting a 10-0 spanking on Democrats in the annual Congressional baseball game. But it wasn’t the final score that made the most news. Instead, it was Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) deciding to flip off the GOP dugout as she lumbered by after striking out at the plate.


Here’s a screengrab for those who haven’t seen it. Try not to laugh at the totality of the imagery.

Isn’t she just a peach? And a picture of baseball prowess, right?

Well, lucky for us, Sanchez has now provided justification for her grotesque breach of decorum. According to Fox News, she flipped the bird at Republicans because of a “an offensive and misogynistic comment.”

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., is defending her actions during the Congressional Baseball Game on Thursday night after she was caught flipping the bird to Republican lawmakers, claiming she heard “an offensive and misogynistic comment.”

Sanchez on Friday said in a statement to Fox News Digital that hearing the alleged remark during the annual charity game “struck a nerve,” prompting her to make the gesture.

You have to love that this is always the go-to excuse for Democrats who step out of line. Remember all those years ago when members of the Congressional Black Caucus claimed people hurled racial slurs at them outside the Capitol Building over the Affordable Care Act? Predictably, a video was later released of them walking by the crowd and not a single slur was heard. The “they said a sexist/racist slur” excuse has become even more commonplace since then, used to excuse all forms of various bad behavior.

In this case, as in most cases, you shouldn’t believe it, though. Think about it. Sanchez had no problem flipping off an entire dugout of Republicans in full view of cameras. Yet, we are supposed to believe she’s just so stoic and retrained that she can’t reveal 1) who made the supposed remark and 2) what the supposed remark was.


No one believes that nor should they believe that. If a Republican had actually said something objectively offensive to her, she’d be shouting that person’s name from the rooftops. She’d also have no problem being specific in what was said. The vagueness of her statement is the clue that she’s making it up.

We can ascertain what actually happened here with reasonable certainty. Sanchez had to have a pinch runner, got a little ribbing from the Republicans for it, and lost her cool. Instead of just owning her actions, though, she decided to do what Democrats always do, which is lean on the “everything is sexist and racist” claim to justify what she did. It’s pathetic. If a politician is going to pretend they are tough by flipping the bird at other people, they should at least be tough enough to own what they did.



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