Kamala Harris Firing Her Speechwriter Doesn't Seem to Be Helping

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Kamala Harris hasn’t had a good Tuesday. The vice president kicked things off by announcing her “pronouns” in an incredibly awkward scene. Why did she do that? Because there’s no level of absurd woke-ness she won’t participate in if she thinks it’ll ingratiate her to the Democrat base. She’s an addict and MSNBC backslaps are her drug of choice.


Then there was the release of the first polling out of New Hampshire for the litany of 2024 Democrat presidential hopefuls. Those results showed Harris at a paltry six percent support while Pete Buttigieg leads with 17 percent. That’s probably the most embarrassing development for her since she’s assumed her office. A vice president is not supposed to be getting spanked by a do-nothing transportation secretary whose grand achievement is…well, I don’t know what it is.

All that followed on the heels of Harris firing her speechwriter, presumably because of how terrible things have been going in regards to her public appearances. Unfortunately for her, that move doesn’t seem to be helping. In the same meeting that she announced her pronouns, Harris delivered this doozy of a word salad.


Just when you think she can’t be a worse public speaker than she is, Harris says “hold my beer” before rushing into the woods to wrestle a bear. This is a woman who is so objectively terrible at being vice president that it’s become comical. Yes, we know about her complete lack of knowledge on any given subject. We know about the policy failures. We even know about the accusations that she’s rough on her staff, which may explain the record turnover its experience.

But come on. How is she still delivering prepared remarks that sound like they were written by a teenager who lost their thesaurus before a big book report? Does her chief of staff have nothing to say about this? At this point, it’s become so common that I have to assume the repetition of words isn’t just by sheer chance or mistake. Instead, Harris seems to actually relish the opportunity to talk herself into circles while leaving onlookers scratching their heads. I believe she thinks it makes her seem smart and stately. In reality, it just makes her confusing.


What’s worse? Being bad at something or thinking you are actually good at something you are obviously bad at? Everything about Harris screams arrogance and ambition, but she’s got none of the chops to back any of it up. Heck, she’s so terrible at her job that I’m able to routinely squeeze off hundreds of words just riffing on how terrible she is at her job. Few politicians provide such a continual stream of material, and for that, I thank her.


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