DeSantis Press Secretary Delivers Hall of Fame Response to 'Journalists' Complaining About Press Access

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I’m not going to deny that I’ve dipped into hyperbole from time to time here at RedState. We always try to have a good time, and the overwrought snark is part of that. But when I say that Christina Pushaw’s latest response to the media may be the best thing I’ve ever heard from a press secretary at any level, I mean it.


The backstory begins in Florida at the Sunshine Summit (more coverage of that coming soon), a Republican event headlined by Gov. Ron DeSantis. In yet another common sense move, the press list was curated to deny entry to mainstream media journalists whose only purpose would be to write hit pieces. That led to some complaining online, including from Politico.

You can read the entire thread and the replies if you’d like, but it’s the same hand-wringing about the “free press” and such you’d expect. You see, when right-leaning outlets are denied access to the White House or the press events of various other Democrat politicians, that’s just fine. But if you dare say Politico or CNN can pound sand, that’s a threat to democracy or something.

Regardless, Pushaw, who serves as DeSantis’ press secretary, gave one of the most well-put, epic responses I’ve ever seen from a political office. Truly, this is next-level stuff, and the fact that it appeared in the dumpster fire that is the Tallahassee Democrat makes it all the more awesome.


It’s the weekend, so it’s weapons-free on meme usage.

If this woman isn’t the White House press secretary one day, it will be an absolute travesty. It’s not just that she and her boss effectively counter the liberal media consistently. It’s that they actively humiliate them in the process while ensuring they don’t provide fodder. How many Republicans complain about bias in the press, yet they keep talking to CNN and letting Manu Raju dictate the conversation? Not even Donald Trump, who pioneered a combative stance toward the media, has been immune to such blunders, having walked into ambush interviews many times.

DeSantis’ decision to simply tell the press to go pound sand is the proper course. Do not give these people the time of day. As Pushaw notes, they are going to write their hit pieces anyway. Why give them material and political oxygen when they’ve done nothing to deserve it?

Hopefully, a lot more Republicans begin to follow suit. The mainstream media is partisan and adversarial. They should be treated as such, and they are owed nothing.


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