Following SCOTUS Win for Religious Freedom, We Are Still Utterly Screwed

On Monday, the Supreme Court dropped another decision sure to give liberals fits, ruling that a high school football coach was wrongly punished for praying on the field after games.


Joe Kennedy was leading prayers with willing students after games until an opposing coach decided to tattle on him to the school district. Eventually, after a back and forth, and despite the fact that students were choosing of their own volition to pray with him, the district placed him on leave. That led to a years-long legal fight that finally culminated in this Supreme Court victory.

But while I agree with other conservatives that this is a win for religious freedom, I’m going to pour some cold water on things and opine that we are still utterly screwed.

Think about it. A football coach who was choosing to pray by himself, in a private capacity, was forced to battle in court for years before finally being saved by the Supreme Court. Why is that terrifying? Because years-long court battles cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and making Kennedy go this far is a punishment in and of itself. A case that never should have made it out of the local jurisdiction ended up needing the Supreme Court to affirm that you have a right to pray by yourself at a school.


Further, the Supreme Court chooses what cases to take. What if they simply didn’t have the time to take up this issue? There are extremely worthy issues that get rejected every single year where abused individuals are hung out to dry. If that had happened to Kennedy, he’d have been left to languish, suffering under the ridiculous prior rulings of the lower courts.

Are you starting to see how thin the line is here? Yes, I’m grateful we currently have a Supreme Court that respects religious liberty and originalism. But how long is that going to be the case? All it would take was one unexpected death to make John Roberts the swing vote again, and it’s no secret how he typically falls when that’s the case.

Besides, history says that eventually, there will be a liberal Supreme Court again. It’s just a matter of time, and the fact that three justices actually believe you don’t even have a right to pray by yourself on public property is objectively insane. The moment the liberal bloc holds power again, they are going to destroy every right you hold dear, from guns to religion.


The trends are terrifying, and eventually, the dam is going to break. When that occurs, I’m fearful of what happens to the country. Right now, a single conservative vote on the Supreme Court is stopping the onslaught of illiberalism and governmental overreach. That’s scary, scary stuff. With that said, I hope that some of the older conservative justices recognize the position the nation is in. There must be strategic retirements when the time comes.


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