Democrat Responses to Abortion Ruling Sure Sound Like a Call for Insurrection

The last few days have done nothing to temper the responses to Dobbs, the Supreme Court decision which rightfully struck down the made-up “right” to an abortion. Top Democrats took to various venues on Sunday and Monday, raving like lunatics, and it sure sounds like they are calling for an insurrection.


As RedState reported previously, Sen. Elizabeth Warren went on ABC News to assert that the court was now “illegitimate.” I’m old enough to remember when accusing any government institution of being illegitimate was a “threat to democracy,” but here we are.

Someone should bother asking Warren exactly what she plans to do about the Supreme Court’s loss of “legitimacy.” Remember, these are the kinds of vague statements that have been used for the last year and a half to suggest Donald Trump purposely caused January 6th. Is it wrong to attack the pillars of our governmental system or not? Why is Congress considered sacred by Warren but the Supreme Court isn’t? To be sure, there is no difference between suggesting Congress’ certification of an election is illegitimate and stating that the Supreme Court making decisions based on the plain text of the law is illegitimate.

Democrats don’t actually respect the institutions of power as they claim. Rather, they seek to bend them to their will. What denotes a threat to “democracy” isn’t any objective standard of risk, but simply whether essentially anything stands in their way.


But if you thought Warren’s faux-intellectual rantings were bad, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot decided to up the ante. She appeared at a concert on Sunday evening to shout “F*** Clarence Thomas” to the cheers of thousands.

I guess we should just see this as totally normal. I mean, at least she didn’t tell people to go “peacefully protest,” otherwise she might be accused of trying to incite an insurrection. But the rules don’t apply to Democrats because they make the rules.

For a moment, try to imagine the outrage that would ensue if Ron DeSantis stood on a concert stage and shouted “F*** Sonia Sotomayor.” Yes, I know DeSantis would never do that because he’s not a mentally disturbed, terrible person, but in some alternate universe where he did, it would lead to weeks of outrage and accusations that he was trying to cause violence against the Supreme Court.

“Morning Joe” on MSNBC continued the insanity by stating that the Dobbs decision was “violence.”


Democrats know exactly what they are doing when they make statements like that. One of the most common tropes on the left is to describe everything they disagree with as an act of “violence.” That’s purposeful. After all, the right to self-defense exists. Democrats are actively trying to desensitize the public to the types of violent outbursts we saw over the weekend in places like Los Angeles and Phoenix. To say that the Supreme Court has committed violence against women by denying a federal right to kill children is to suggest that violence can be returned.

As I’ve said before, none of this leads to a good place. The division being pushed is dangerous and is based on abject lies. Democrats are feeding an alligator they aren’t going to be able to control.


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