Joe Biden Leaves Brains Hurting After Trying to Explain the SCOTUS Gun Ruling

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Previewing the manic outrage that next week’s probable overturning of Roe v. Wade will produce, the Supreme Court sent anti-gun hysterics into orbit on Thursday. As RedState reported, New York’s “probable cause” regulation for garnering a concealed carry license was struck down, with the court affirming a constitutional right to self-defense, not just in the home, but outside it as well.


The reactions were swift and entertaining, with the expected loss of many minds occurring. Then there was the President of the United States, who decided to play legal scholar in an attempt to explain the ruling and why it wasn’t “reasonable.” But this is Joe Biden we are talking about, so all we got was mumbling incoherence.

My brain hurts after listening to the guy for more than 30 seconds, and that’s being generous because the imbecility usually flows within the first utterances. Remember, Biden is a lawyer, as he’s so often reminded us. He’s supposed to have some basic understanding of the law and how to address it. That’s clearly not the case, though, and it shows as he tries to differentiate between may and “shell.” Yes, the president can’t pronounce the word “shall,” but that’s the least surprising thing about all this.

Besides, why is he quoting the minority opinion as authoritative in the first place? Does he not realize the majority is what actually carries legal weight going forward? “There’s a difference between states that say may and shell,” Biden stumblingly proclaims before a handler corrects him and he admits, clearly confused in the process, that “I got it reversed.” What makes the scene worse is that the president has a cheat sheet in his hand the entire time, which presumably has all this spelled out for him – and he still can’t get right.


For the life of me, I don’t understand why the White House staffers who control Biden continue to put him in these kinds of positions. I suspect the president is stubborn enough to demand his voice be heard, but when being heard constantly leads to stuff like this, it’s best to be quiet. That’s a lesson Biden has not and obviously will not learn–before he finally heads to his Delaware beach house for good instead of just four days a week.

As to my two cents on the ruling itself, I think the outrage is nonsensical. How many legally licensed concealed carry holders in states across the country are shooting people? It seems to me that the vast majority of gun crimes happen via illegal guns, or in the case of mass shootings, have nothing to do with concealment. The left is just angry because the Second Amendment was affirmed. It’s no more complicated than that.


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