Stephen Colbert Show Staffers Arrested and Charged After Illegally Entering Capitol

Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Irony knows no bounds, I suppose.

Staffers for Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show” were arrested on Thursday night after they were found inside the Capitol complex after hours. Per reports, they were picked up while taking pictures and video around the offices of Kevin McCarthy and Lauren Boebert, both Republicans.


Chad Pergram of Fox News broke the story.

Pergram’s Twitter timeline has more details, with a lengthy thread laying out exactly what happened. It appears these people were there to film some kind of skit for Colbert’s show when they were picked up. They were asked to leave for not having proper credentials earlier in the day, but instead of doing so, they ended up staying in the building until after hours. Charges of illegal entry were levied after the arrests were made.

Of course, some people are already having fun with this.


Regardless, you can expect the charges to be dropped. We live under a two-tiered justice system, and Stephen Colbert is on the side that enjoys all the privilege. While people who walked through open doors into the Capitol and took a few selfies on January 6th were held in solitary confinement and sentenced to years in prison, these staffers won’t be treated the same way.

RedState will provide updates, as this is a developing story.


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