Adam Kinzinger's Excuse for the January 6th Hearing Being Postponed Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

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As RedState reported earlier, the January 6th committee suddenly postponed its next hearing, which was set to take place on Wednesday. That came after infighting among the members broke out into the open on Monday over whether the committee should issue criminal referrals, including possibly for Donald Trump.


When I wrote the initial report on the postponement, the excuse given by sources to the mainstream media was that they needed more time to prepare video exhibits. To even those supportive of the committee, that shouldn’t make any sense. Are we to believe these congressional members, who have been planning these hearings for a long time, waited until the day before to do the video editing? As Joe Biden so often incoherently mumbles: Come on, man.

Now, Rep. Adam Kinzinger has commented, and nothing he said passes the smell test.

It’s not surprising that the absolute dumbest, least believable excuse for the postponement would come from the absolute dumbest member of the committee, and that’s saying something given we are talking about a group that includes Jamie Raskin and Bennie Thompson. Kinzinger actually wants you to believe that this last-minute change was done to “space out” the hearings as if the schedule hasn’t been set for months.

To even a casual observer, it’s obvious that’s just not a thing that happens. Any concern over the pacing of the hearings would have been dealt with long before now. Kinzinger knows that, and you’d think he would come up with something more clever than insulting everyone’s intelligence.


But even taking him at his word, and you shouldn’t, isn’t his excuse an admission that the committee is flopping like a fish? Why would they need to change course and “space out” the hearings more if they were actually landing blows? The answer is obviously that the primetime opener and Monday’s effort were duds, leaving the committee members scrambling to come up with some other flash in the pan to push their narrative.

Of course, there’s one more possible explanation, which is that the committee has come to terms with the fact that they’ve got nothing and have now decided to try to stretch things out closer to November. After all, the entire point of this silly exercise is to help Democrats in the mid-terms. It’s all politics, and Kinzinger, being the sucker that he is, is dutifully playing his part. Cheney will end up with a golden parachute after she loses her primary, but he’ll be stuck doing daytime cable news hits.


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