Twitter Bends the Knee to Elon Musk Over Stalled Deal, Breaks Liberal Hearts

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Earlier on Wednesday, RedState reported that Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter was put on hold pending the release of raw data proving that bots make up less than five percent of users on the social media site. The billionaire’s concerns stem from the possibility that the company is overvalued compared to his initial offer, having been bolstered by activity that is inauthentic.


Musk and his team sent a letter to Twitter demanding the information, threatening to back out of the purchase if it wasn’t provided.

Elon Musk on Monday warned that he might walk away from his $44 billion offer to acquire Twitter Inc if the social media network failed to provide data on spam and fake accounts.

In a letter to Twitter, the billionaire reiterated his request for details on bot accounts and said he reserved all rights to terminate the merger as the company was in a “clear material breach” of its obligations by not providing him with the information.

Musk’s deal with Twitter has caused widespread outrage on the left, with many Democrats expressing consternation that they might lose their complete control of the social media sphere. That they’d still have Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and essentially every other mainstream service in their pocket is apparently not enough to appease them. Total power is the name of the game, and when the left loses it, they freak out. On that front, the fact that Musk’s deal to buy Twitter hit a rocky patch provided much joy to those hoping things would fall through.


Well, I’ve got bad news for mouth-breathing liberals everywhere: Twitter has bent the knee and will hand over the data Musk is wanting, clearing another obstacle out of the way.

Twitter’s Board of Directors reportedly now plans to comply with a demand from Elon Musk to turn over internal data after Musk threatened to terminate his $44 billion purchase of the company for refusing to provide details related to how many bot accounts are on the platform.

“The information could be provided as soon as this week,” The Washington Post reported. “Currently some two dozen companies pay for access to the trove, which comprises not only a real-time record of tweets but the devices they tweet from, as well as information about the accounts that tweet.”

That was fast, and it means the deal is likely to end up going through. To this point, every roadblock, including this latest one, has been resolved by Twitter’s board because they recognize they have no other choice but to make this work. If Musk doesn’t end up buying Twitter, and he sells his shares, the company is going to collapse. It’s already in a tenuous financial state as it is, and there’s just no way that Twitter can allow the deal to fall through. They need this a lot more than Musk needs it.


So for all the snarking at Musk that he’s in over his head, he sure seems to keep swimming laps around his detractors. He’s played Twitter like a fiddle again, calling their bluff in the process. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the liberal hearts breaking.


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