Joe Biden's Handlers Rush to Clean up His Latest Commentary on Guns

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As I shared on Wednesday, multiple, recent reports have indicated that Joe Biden is growing frustrated with the performance of his staff. Specifically, he’s tired of them coming behind him to “clarify” his otherwise “succinct” statements. As an aside, if you just spit your drink out based on that last descriptor, I apologize.


Of course, the rush to clean up Biden’s messes wouldn’t be happening if he didn’t, you know, create so many messes. The latest example involves the commentary that the president gave on Tuesday pushing to ban different types of ammunition, including some bonkers claims about 9mm rounds (see Joe Biden’s Ignorance on Guns Is Simply Breathtaking).

Given that the 9mm cartridge is the most popular in the world and is used in most handguns, Biden’s unhinged rant certainly made it seem as if he wanted to ban handguns, something Canada had moved to do just days prior. What other explanation could there be for him choosing to say what he said? The president even went so far as to proclaim that no one needs 9mm ammunition for self-defense despite the fact that his own Secret Service detail uses it to defend him.

Sure enough, Biden’s handlers are coming in hot to once again smooth over his ignorant remarks. According to Karine Jean-Pierre via the New York Post, the president does not support a ban on handguns.

The White House said Tuesday that President Biden does not support a Canada-style ban on handgun sales in the wake of a pair of mass shootings last month — the latest example of administration members having to clear up their boss’s remarks.

“We’ll leave it up to other countries to set their policy on gun ownership,” Jean-Pierre said during her regular briefing. “The president has made his position clear: The United States needs to act. As I just laid out, he supports a ban on the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and expanded background checks to keep guns out of the — dangerous hands.

“He does not support a ban on the sale of all handguns, to answer your question,” the press secretary added in response…


This is what happens when the President of the United States is a mental invalid who has no idea what he’s talking about. He went on and on about how no one should have 9mm rounds, but now we are supposed to believe he meant nothing that he actually said. Also, worth mentioning (and laughing at) is that while Biden ranted against 9mm ammunition based on its size, he chose to promote .22 caliber ammunition as an alternative. Guess what the AR-15 shoots? Oops.

Truly, it takes skill to be so consistently vapid while discussing essentially any topic imaginable. But if Biden is an expert at one thing, it’s that.

Rest assured, though, that Biden would support a ban on handguns if he thought he could get away with it. This walk back by the White House is purely political, and everything he said about banning 9mm ammunition in his comments to the press is what he really believes. But his handlers know such a position would be incredibly unpopular with the majority of the American people. Thus, the focus on “assault weapons” is another vain attempt to gain a policy win off the backs of dead children.

The lesson here is simple for Republicans: Democrats will never stop until total confiscation happens. Do not compromise, do not believe their “clarifications,” and understand that they will push the envelope every single time there’s a shooting. The right way to respond to such bad faith is to never give up ground in the first place.




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