At Long Last, Monica Lewinsky Chimes in on the Gun Control Debate

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It’s Memorial Day, the news is slow, and I’ve got a few minutes to drop a hot take, so you’re getting an article on Monica Lewinsky. I know, I know, I apologize in advance, but I promise I’ll actually make a somewhat decent point by the end of this thing so stick with me.


Lewinsky, made famous for certain escapades in the White House with former President Bill Clinton, has spent the last decade or so rehabbing her image and doing speaking tours. To that extent, I suppose she’s a public figure, and when a public figure says something mockworthy, I’ll be there.

Of course, her latest commentary came on the issue of “assault rifles” in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which RedState has covered extensively. Here’s what she had to say.

Behold this mental titan, smiting gun rights supporters with her impeccable logic. There’s really nothing else left to say. Let’s do this confiscation thing because I certainly can’t argue with anything she said.

Alright, maybe I can. Let’s give it a shot.

To start, Lewinsky may not have noticed this, but cars are actually legal to drive. There are laws that dictate how you can use your car, which includes not going fast enough to get a $450 ticket, an amount that has to mean she was going 20-30 miles over the speed limit. You also can’t take your car and run someone down. That’s called murder. And stick with me here, murder is illegal.


The same applies to what she describes as “assault rifles.” You see, you can own one, but there are laws dictating how you use them. A person can’t take their AR-15 and shoot their neighbor after starting an altercation. That’s called murder. And stick with me here again, murder is illegal.

Now, let’s put two and two together. The equivalent of a speeding ticket for misusing a car is getting arrested for misusing a gun. Thus, Lewinsky’s proclamation of how crazy it is that “assault rifles” are legal makes no sense. Cars and guns are both legal and the way you choose to operate them dictates what laws are or aren’t broken. No AR-15 has ever gotten up on its own and committed a shooting.

I get that the revelations I’ve brought forth in this article are highly informative, and I’m happy that I was able to help Lewinsky out.


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