This Year's World Economic Forum in Davos Is as Disturbing as You'd Expect

It’s the time of year again when thousands of the world’s most powerful and wealthy people gather in Davos, Switzerland to plot world domination and generally say really disturbing things.


While they squeal about climate change and try to limit your red meat intake, they fly in on private jets and flaunt their lifestyles. No other event on the planet shows the divide between the elites and normal people more, and this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos is no exception.

I’ll kick things off with globalism’s highest-ranking leader, Klaus Schwab, who runs the WEF.

The “future is being built by us,” Schwab proclaims to a bunch of people who have not been delegated the power to build the “future,” and certainly their vision of it is as dystopian as it is unworkable. The unelected leaders in Davos, do not represent the world. They represent only those who voted for them. Certainly, the dictators in attendance and the corporate leaders have no right to “build” the future for everyone in the world without their consent.

Yet, here we are with the most arrogant, privileged people on earth once again trying to tell everyone else what to do, and to be sure, they don’t just use words. As two other speakers revealed, they are purposely crashing the system in order to reimagine it in a way that suits them. In short, they want you to suffer.


What makes me so angry about this isn’t just that these mostly unelected mediocrities act as if they hold a special place in shaping world events and economies, but that they don’t care one bit for the suffering they cause in the meantime. Listen to them proclaim that the “pain” is worth it. Worth it to who? Fabulously wealthy individuals who have private jets and multiple yachts? Because it sure isn’t worth it to the mere normals who just want to be able to eat a hamburger and drive their car to work.


There’s something deeply wrong about a system that places global affairs in the hands of unelected elites who couldn’t care less about the harm they cause in their pursuits. Never mind that those pursuits are so often couched in delusions of grandeur. We don’t need the WEF to save the planet. We don’t need its members to destroy the energy sector to remake it with renewables. What we need is for these people to go back to their home countries and stop interjecting themselves into the lives of the rest of us. Is that so much to ask?


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