Criminal Case Against Trump Fully Collapses as Liberals Struggle to Cope

Criminal Case Against Trump Fully Collapses as Liberals Struggle to Cope
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Some months ago, news that the criminal case against Donald Trump in Manhattan was in trouble broke. The prosecution’s top two prosecutors resigned in protest because current DA Alvin Bragg, a far-left Democrat, refused to play into their lawfare fantasies of taking a losing case into the courtroom.

Later, a sympathetic report from The New York Times exposed just how far they were willing to go in their push for political retribution. They claimed that not charging Trump, despite the lack of evidence, would put them on “the wrong side of history” — while also proclaiming it a “righteous case that ought to be brought.” Given the power that prosecutors hold, it’s scary to think that people like that populate district attorney offices across the nation. They can ruin your life over a grudge and not even blink. Bragg, despite having run on nuking Trump, recognized that things had gone too far.

Still, the grand jury in the case remained empaneled, and several weeks after the resignations, fresh rumblings from the DA’s office gave the left new hope. That has now expired, though, with the grand jury ending, no charges being filed, and no reason to think it will be reconvened.

A six-month grand jury that was convened late last year to hear evidence against Donald Trump was set to expire this week, closing a chapter in a lengthy criminal investigation that appears to be fizzling out without charges against the former president, people familiar with matter [sic] said.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D), who took office in January, inherited a probe launched by his predecessor, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., who was convinced that there was a case against Trump for crimes related to manipulating the value of property assets to secure tax advantages or better loan rates…

…Still, the expiration of the grand jury — and the departure in February of two senior prosecutors who said Bragg was stalling the inquiry — makes any potential indictment of Trump seem unlikely, legal observers have said. By the time Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne quit, the grand jury had been inactive for weeks, with jurors being told to stay home, a person with knowledge of the issue previously said.

Bragg tried to appease his critics by insisting that other grand juries that are handling other cases could conceivably be called upon to charge Trump, but that wouldn’t make any sense at this point. If his office had the goods, they would have used the grand jury empaneled to deal with the specific case against the former president. In short, this is over, and anyone suggesting otherwise needs to find a better coping mechanism.

Sure enough, The Palmer Report, a far-left social media presence with 462,000 followers took to Twitter to do the exact opposite. Here’s just a taste of the conspiracy theories being spun to explain away why Trump isn’t being frog-marched in handcuffs at this point.

I’ll stop there, but you get the point. These absolute hacks are doing everything they can to create wild scenarios in which Trump somehow ends up charged with criminal offenses. In this case, the suggestion is that NY AG Letitia James will somehow take over the prosecution. That’s not going to happen, though. James is pursuing Trump, but she’s doing so on civil grounds. If she had any criminal case to bring, she’d have brought it long ago.

Of course, there are still other long-shot attempts to put Trump behind bars in places like Georgia, where a local investigation is attempting to show that he tried to force Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to create fraudulent votes following the 2020 election. Anyone that has listened to the tape, though, knows that claim is extremely weak.

Regardless, this witch hunt in New York is done. Still, I’m assured the walls are closing in. You can only laugh at this point.

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