Unearthed Comments Undermine 'Ministry of Truth' Director Nina Jackowicz's Appointment

Unearthed Comments Undermine 'Ministry of Truth' Director Nina Jackowicz's Appointment
Nina Jackowicz stated in a 2020 video conference that the executive branch should not decide what is "fake news." (Credit: Jack Posobiec/Twitter)

Nina Jackowicz is the gift that just keeps on giving.

The eccentric new director of Joe Biden’s so-called “Disinformation Governance Board,” otherwise known as the “Ministry of Truth,” has had her social media come back to haunt her over the last several days. Jackowicz is not only a big supporter of censorship, but she also stumped for the government to forcibly lock down American citizens during the COVID pandemic, showing no care at all for constitutional rights.

She also, in the irony of all ironies, spread disinformation about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Mueller investigation. Past that, she’s just a crazy person who apparently has no impulse control.

But while dunking on her past posting is fun, there’s a more serious video that’s been unearthed. In it, Jackowicz makes the case that the executive branch should not have the power to determine what is true and what’s not. That’s obviously relevant, given she’s now being placed in a position to do just that.

These people wouldn’t have any standards if they didn’t have double standards. Everything related to the Biden administration is contradictory and incoherent. Less than three years ago, Jackowicz was saying that the executive branch shouldn’t get involved in policing disinformation because the orange man was bad. Now, she says the opposite as she gets ready to start collecting a government paycheck for a job she once panned. What a coincidence, right?

So, what changed? The resident of the White House changed. When it was Donald Trump making these decisions, Jackowicz was deeply concerned about governmental overreach resulting in false narratives being pushed by an administration under the guise of absolute authority. Yet, now that Biden is in charge, she’s not only just fine with it, but she wants to head up the effort. It takes a special kind of arrogance and shamelessness to hold those two positions back-to-back, only changing them due to politics. And if the videos of her singing are any indication, Jackowicz is certainly shameless.

But what happens when a Republican is back in the White House? Will Democrats respect this newfound authority they are granting to themselves? Or will they decry it as harmful to our “democracy”? We all know the answer to that. Democrats, including Jackowicz, will suddenly shift again, decrying the dangers of the executive branch dictating to the American people.

And you know what? They’d be right in that instance. It is dangerous for the executive branch to make itself the arbiter of information in a free country. America isn’t supposed to have a “Ministry of Truth.” That’s the stuff of dictatorship, but apparently, it’s now the stuff of the Biden administration. Jackowicz is a ridiculous character, but she’s not the root of the problem. The root of the problem is an out-of-control administration that is headed by a senile old man, while actually being run by shadowy, far-left handlers.

I’ve seen some on the right suggest it’s an overreaction to heavily criticize this move by Biden. “It’s not that big of a deal and is mostly for show,” they insist, as they once again try to rise above the fray and prove they are “different.” But how many times have we heard that from conservatives, only for us to wake up five to 10 years down the road and ask ourselves “how did this happen?” The time to fight is now.

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