Democrat Raphael Warnock Seeks to Seal Court Records That Could Blow Georgia Race Wide Open

Ken Cedeno/Pool via AP, File

For all the talk about Herschel Walker’s contentious past involving actions over a decade ago, a time period he admits he had problems and got help for, there’s been essentially no discussion of the far more recent allegations involving Democrat Raphael Warnock.


As you may recall during the 2020 election cycle, Warnock was accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife. Now, the two are embroiled in a custody battle and the Georgia senator is asking the court to seal the records so that Walker can’t use the revelations to “gain some political advantage.”

This comes via the Free Beacon.

Democratic senator Raphael Warnock asked a Georgia judge on Tuesday to seal his contentious child custody dispute from the public, arguing that because he is “currently running for reelection” his opponent could use the case to “gain some political advantage,” according to a court motion obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Warnock made the request in a joint motion with his ex-wife, Oulèye Ndoye, following renewed media attention on their divorce. Warnock and Ndoye said in the filing that there is an “overriding interest that is likely to prejudice the parties and their minor children if hearings relating to modification of custody is not closed.” The motion says Warnock is a “public figure serving in a political office” and “is currently running for reelection for said political office.”

I’m curious. If Warnock’s position is that domestic disputes should not be used to harm someone politically, is he going to completely abscond from attacking Walker on the same grounds? Somehow, I highly doubt it, and the press has already spent ample time on the subject regarding the probable Republican Senate nominee. Yet, Warnock has been accused of domestic abuse, neglecting his children, and not paying child care costs, not over a decade ago, but all in the last two years.


Guess how much the media has covered that story? I can’t find a single instance of the mainstream media doing so despite how serious it is.

Ndoye reopened the dispute in a February court filing, accusing Warnock of neglect of his children and failure to pay for childcare, leaving her “financially strapped.” Ndoye claimed Warnock refused to pay for childcare costs that she was forced to shoulder when he failed to show up for his custody days. She also said he “routinely neglects” to give her notice when he is traveling out of town during his visitation days, and instead has the children “picked up from school by friends and [leaves] them with various babysitters overnight” while he is away.

In 2020, Ndoye accused Warnock of intentionally running over her foot with his Tesla during a fight. The couple married in 2016 and divorced in 2020.

This isn’t Warnock’s first brush with controversy either. During his 2020 run, he was accused of overseeing a church camp where the staff abused a 12-year-old boy. Never mind that Warnock describes himself as a “Reverend” while being radically pro-abortion.

Keep in mind that court filings regarding Eric Greitens were considered fair game, and appear to have actually taken down his primary candidacy in Missouri. Likewise, the media have covered Walker’s issues extensively. You can google the topic and come up with dozens upon dozens of national news stories. How would it be fair to insulate Warnock at this point in time when his opponent’s past will be used against him? It would be interfering in the election to seal these records and give the Democrats another unfair advantage.


Lastly, some may note that Warnock’s ex-wife also wants the records sealed while the custody battle continues. That’s easy to explain. Senators make lots of money, not only in the office but via other lucrative deals. There’s a reason almost everyone who goes to Washington, DC, ends up fabulously wealthy. The more Warnock makes, the better off she is. Thus, it makes perfect sense that she wants to protect him in regards to getting re-elected.

I know it goes against conventional wisdom, but Walker should cover this stuff. Warnock and his surrogates (including the liberal media) are going to make Walker’s past an issue. He should not hold fire when the time comes, and if the court seals these records, it’ll only shine a light brighter on the Democrat.



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