Another Possible 2024 Challenger Steps Forward — and He May Be the Most Delusional Yet

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Just when you thought Larry Hogan was the most delusional 2024 hopeful, another has stepped to the forefront and said “hold my beer.” Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has proclaimed that the “option is open” for him to enter what already promises to be a crowded field, almost certainly headlined by former President Donald Trump.


In order to understand how laughable a possible Hutchinson run is, you need to gain a grasp of how he’s governed. While Hogan at least has the excuse of being a deep blue state, Hutchinson heads up one of the reddest states in the union. Still, he has governed as an establishment coward, seemingly more concerned about a future board position than doing the will of those who voted for him.

As RedState reported previously, Hutchinson chose to veto a bill that would have stopped biological males from competing in woman’s sports. In all his wisdom, the governor then went on Tucker Carlson’s show, where he was rhetorically beheaded (see Tucker Carlson Ends Asa Hutchinson’s Career).

Hutchinson tried to couch his veto in platitudes about “government overreach” because he thinks Republicans are stupid enough to buy that.

“This is a government overreach. You are starting to let lawmakers interfere with healthcare and set a standard for legislation overriding healthcare,” Hutchinson said in a Monday news conference. “The state should not presume to jump into every ethical health decision.”

Oh, you mean how abortions are banned for underage children in Arkansas? Or how you can’t just shoot up your ten your old with botox? The idea that the government doesn’t already protect children by stopping certain “healthcare” treatments is simply false. Why would the same principle not apply to something as serious as attempting to “transition” a 12-year-old?


Worse, Hutchinson then went on “Meet the Press” and proceeded to trash conservatives who have sought to use the power given to them to protect children, whether we are talking about transgender ideology, abortion, or something else. Like all members of the squish caucus, he desperately desires approval from the mainstream media.

In the end, these ill-advised 2024 runs are only going to splinter the field and help the frontrunner, which is ironic given Hutchinson is anti-Trump and does not want him to be the nominee. If the goal is to “stop Trump,” I can’t think of a dumber strategy. Yet, arrogance seems to drive these establishment Republicans to the point where they can’t accept the fact that no one wants to them do anything but retire. Hutchinson has earned some lucrative payoff from a woke corporation once he leaves the governor’s mansion. He should take that and leave the delusional presidential runs to others.


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