Democrats Settle on the Dumbest Strategy Possible Going Into the Midterm Election

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If you’ve been following the news over the last 24 hours, you’ve likely heard about the supposed “bombshell” revelation involving Clarence Thomas. Of course, in reality, it doesn’t actually involve Clarence Thomas at all, but rather his wife, who sent some text messages about “stopping the steal” and such after the 2020 election to Donald Trump’s then Chief of Staff.


Remember, it’s totally fine for Democrats to vote against certifying an election (as happened after 2004 and 2016) and for them to claim the 2000 election was stolen, but any Republican who has ever suggested anything in that vein, even as a hypothetical, is a dire threat to democracy or something. That’s the biased framework all of this hysteria is being spun around.

Stephanie Ruhle used all caps so you’d think this is super serious stuff, but it’s really not. When you look at the details, Ginni Thomas is an American citizen with free speech rights under the Constitution to hold whatever political views she wants. Thomas was never in a position to have to rule on the transition of power so that faux concern is irrelevant. Further, even if he had been, it is not a conflict of interest for his wife to hold a viewpoint. Ginni Thomas was not appointed to the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas was.


Still, Democrats can always be counted on to strip naked and run through an electrical storm, and that’s exactly what they are doing as we head towards November’s election. With inflation exploding, gas prices at record highs, and America’s foreign policy in shambles, the right move would be to focus on solutions for the problems most harming American families. Instead, the Democrats have settled on calling for the impeachment of a black Supreme Court Justice who just got out of the hospital because of something his wife said. I’m sure that’s going to play great with the majority who are watching their savings dwindle under Biden’s economic policies.

Then there are the cultural battles being fought. While Gov. Ron DeSantis is working to limit the teaching of sexuality and so-called “gender ideology” to small children without a parent’s consent, Democrats have settled on shouting the word “gay” over and over while claiming that a lack of grooming harms LGBT adults somehow. And speaking of gender ideology, the latest nominee for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, can’t even define what a woman is.

Don’t believe for a second that Brown Jackson’s coming confirmation isn’t a big part of these attacks on Clarence Thomas. Democrats can always be counted on to try to take a mile anytime an inch is given, and they don’t want to just replace Stephen Breyer, they want to take a shortcut and swing the ideological makeup of the court. Just like with Brett Kavanaugh, they are fine with running with anything that possibly gets them to that goal, no matter how ridiculous and out of touch it is.


So yeah, everything is going just swimmingly for the Democrats as they already face strong historical headwinds going into this year’s mid-terms. They just can’t help themselves. Yes, they were probably always going to lose the House, but they could have at least mitigated the damage by appearing somewhat sane. That’s a bridge too far for the modern Democratic Party, though, and this nonsense calling for Clarence Thomas to resign or be impeached is just the latest example.


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