ESPN Gets Laughably Woke on Air Over Falsely Labeled 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

I’m trying to remember the last time I tuned into ESPN when it wasn’t to watch an NFL game. For years, their other programming has devolved into a mix of leftwing politics and repetitive bickering over pointless topics (usually centered on a select few, big market teams). That’s been especially true when dealing with the women’s sports side of things, where the female hosts and announcers have seemed to have free rein to make overtly political, woke statements.


That continued on Friday during the NCAA women’s basketball tournament, as a “moment of silence” was observed as a protest against Florida’s falsely labeled “don’t say gay” bill, which is actually titled the “Parental Rights in Education” bill. The two announcers spent several minutes discussing the supposed horrors of the legislation before taking the “pause.”

You have to love the fact that the announcer had to check her notes to rattle off the latest LGBT line of letters and symbols, before asserting that Disney employees and the “basketball community” were “hurting right now” over the Florida legislation. The other announcer then claims that the bill is a “threat” to “all human rights.”


It’s almost like witnessing a parody, except you know they are actually serious. As RedState has reported numerous times, the “Parental Rights in Education” bill has nothing to do with LGBT employees at Disney or anyone else of age. Why exactly are grown adults “hurting” over a ban on teaching overt sexuality and delusional “gender ideology” to kindergartners, not at home, but in public schools? That seems kind of sketch, doesn’t it?

And look, my desire here is not to assume motives. I don’t want to label those rabidly opposed to the “Parental Rights in Education bill” as groomers. But, what am I supposed to think at this point? There’s been ample opportunity for honesty here from those opposed to the legislation. Instead, they continue to misrepresent what it does, pretending it outlaws the term “gay” when it doesn’t, while acting as if the world is going to end if a seven-year-old isn’t taught about transgenderism by their first-grade teacher. At some point, those who keep lying and demanding “solidarity” are actively choosing to associate themselves with grooming, and that’s on them.


Besides, perhaps ESPN, which is owned by Disney, should take a seat on this one — given the very real problems going on in their own house?

Republicans, independents, and anyone else seeking to protect children should welcome this kind of lunacy from ESPN and the like. All these woke tirades are doing are alienating more and more normal Americans. Sanity will prevail, at least in states like Florida, and watching these major corporations flail makes it all the more entertaining.


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