Joe Manchin Body Slams Joe Biden - Again

Joe Manchin Body Slams Joe Biden - Again
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Manchin must really want to run for governor in West Virginia in the future because he’s just not letting up on Joe Biden’s presidency.

Manchin’s biggest impact was obviously his blowing up of Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda, which was supposed to be passed via the reconciliation process in the Senate. Yet, the power moves haven’t stopped there. Manchin also nuked Neera Tanden, a way-too-online partisan that the president had tapped to run the Office of Management and Budget.

Now, Manchin has body-slammed Biden again. A long battle over the nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin to the Federal Reserve appears to be over after the West Virginia senator announced his opposition. There are no Republicans who support Raskin.

Raskin has a very checkered history. She’s married to Jamie Raskin, one of the nutjob Democrats currently running the January 6th committee. You also may remember her name as one of those who requested Michael Flynn be unmasked. What the Treasury Department, where Raskin was serving at the time as Deputy-Secretary, was doing unmasking members of the incoming administration is a question that’s never been sufficiently answered.

Like many DC hangers-on, Raskin is also knee-deep in political and financial conflicts of interest. These include her serving on the board of a fintech company (delivery of financial services) that was given a Federal Reserve “master account.” Republicans have demanded answers on the fact that Raskin keeps bouncing around between the government and lucrative financial gigs. She had thus far provided none, and apparently, that was enough for Manchin to sink her.

The final question is whether some weak-kneed Republican, such as Susan Collins or Mitt Romney, steps into the gap to save Raskin. There’s been no indication of that so far, but anything is possible until the nomination is officially pulled.

Democrats have long suggested that Raskin’s nomination was the key to getting inflation under control. That’s never made sense given the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve has played a large role in causing the current inflation crisis. The idea that Raskin, a far-left partisan, was going to save the day was laughable.

Frankly, I find the incestuous workings of Washington illustrated by Raskin’s nomination to be gross. Raskin has seemingly used her influence with her congressman-husband to garner high-level positions in and out of government for years. Sending her to the Federal Reserve would be yet another trip through the corrupt revolving door. Let’s hope Republicans stand firm. Plus, it’s just fun to see Manchin continue to trigger the left so much.

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