Kamala Harris Has Another 'Empty Suit' Moment While Americans Suffer

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The most inexperienced, vapid vice president of the modern era has struck again, and I only use the “modern era” qualifier because I’m not certain about the background of every vice president before that.


Harris is known for tossing some epic world salads. Recently, after being sent in place of Joe Biden to the Munich Security Conference, she talked herself in circles about the supposed deterrent effect of the administration’s sanctions, even as she simultaneously admitted Vladimir Putin had already decided to invade Ukraine.

Then there was this absolute work of art in which Harris proclaimed, “It’s time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day” after she was pressed an issue she clearly hadn’t studied.

Harris’ perpetual “dog ate my homework” act has become a staple of her tenure, with the vice president seeming to completely lack the ability to prepare and read the room when she speaks publicly. That happened again on Monday during remarks at an event on “accelerating cleaner transportation.” In the midst of Americans getting absolutely crushed by largely government-inflicted gas prices, Harris decided it was a good day to push rainbows and fairy dust about electric buses to connect “all” communities with public transportation.


The timing here is just terrible and insulting. Does anyone think most Americans care right now about the government spending more of their taxpayer dollars on public transportation boondoggles for a select few in major urban areas? One look at the garbage dumps that are WMATA in Washington, DC, and MTA in New York City will give you a good idea of how smart those investments are.

Russia is bombing Ukraine as I type this, oil has topped $130 a barrel, and the administration has sat on its hands to mitigate the damage. But Harris wants you to “imagine” what the world would be like with subsidized electric buses that produce “zero emissions” in order to fight “climate change.” I’m trying to “imagine” a more tone-deaf and elitist proposition in the current environment, and I’m coming up blank.

Past that, Harris continues to just be really bad at this. Whoever writes her speeches is way too proud of themselves. Everything is so overwrought, out of place, and idealistic, not in a way that’s at least memorable, but in the way that you’d expect a high-school student to orate. For her part, Harris was so giddy to deliver her big line that she almost started laughing multiple times. Far short of being relatable, these performances make Harris appear even more manufactured than normal, and that’s a hard thing to do.


To put it simply, Harris is an empty suit. Her failures have reached parodic levels, to the point where Russia invaded Europe the day after she tried to take a victory lap on the threat of sanctions. It’s like Saturday Night Live (back when that show was actually funny) is scripting out her vice presidency.


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