Alexander Vindman's Wife Delivers a Psychotic Statement for the Ages

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What does delusional hate for Donald Trump do to the brain? You only need to look to the Vindman family for an answer to that. And while that has typically meant zeroing in on one of Alexander Vindman’s deranged rants, which he delivers frequently, his wife has tried to squeeze herself into the equation as well.


From what I can gather, Rachel Vindman has a fairly decent social media following, albeit one I wasn’t really aware of until this masterpiece emerged. Behold this absolute picture of sanity.

Where do you start in responding to something like that? I suppose one could zero in on how sick it is to bring Rep. Elise Stefanik’s newborn baby into a petty political fight. I don’t care how much you disagree with someone, leave their kids alone. Rachel Vindman deciding to use a baby (that isn’t hers, mind you) as a political prop for her ridiculous rant is psychotic behavior. Have some boundaries, for cripes sake.

Then there’s the idea that Stefanik has “blood” on her hands regarding people dying in Ukraine. What exactly is the basis for that claim? That because the congresswoman didn’t vote to impeach Donald Trump, that caused the current war we are seeing? That makes no sense whatsoever. After eight years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden sending Ukraine blankets, it was Trump who sent lethal aid to the vulnerable nation.

How would impeaching Trump improve the military readiness of Ukraine? By what evidence would it have resulted in more military aid being sent? Rachel Vindman doesn’t address those logical inconsistencies, because again, she’s obviously freaking nuts.


Besides, there was no “extortion attempt,” but even if there were, that still doesn’t have anything to do with Ukraine’s current military position. Trump ended up giving Ukraine the lethal aid package that he temporarily froze and more was delivered after it. Joe Biden also froze a lethal aid package to Ukraine in the summer of 2021. By Rachel Vindman’s logic, why isn’t he responsible for the bloodshed?

The fact is that Trump’s impeachment is completely irrelevant to anything happening in Ukraine right now. No matter how much Trump-deranged individuals want to try to tie him to what’s going on, he’s not president, and his legacy is one of arming the Ukrainians when Democrats wouldn’t. It’s not a coincidence that Putin only made his move once the weakness of the current president was laid bare. To ignore Biden’s failures and instead attack Stefanik via her newborn baby is pathetic and gross. But truly, Alexander and Rachel Vindman were made for each other.



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