Joe Biden Abandons His Duties Again, Heads out on Vacation During an International Crisis

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Where exactly is Joe Biden as the current international crisis rages? Well, at the time of this writing, he’s settling into another long weekend on vacation, this time to Camp David.


In a scene that may become iconic if Russia does indeed invade Europe per the White House’s prediction, Biden stumbled across the South Lawn to his helicopter, taking no questions. Just prior to that moment, he did make time to snap a few selfies, though. You know, because it’s not like anything important is going on.

As RedState reported, the administration is currently beating the war drums, calling a Russian incursion into Ukraine imminent, possibly occurring in the next few days. That revelation came coupled with a call for Americans to leave the Eastern European nation, noting that the administration will not help anyone who gets left behind.

As an aside, remember when you used to be able to travel with confidence, knowing that the United States would never abandon its citizens to a hostile power? Biden has given up the pretense of even pretending that’s still true.

Meanwhile, the scene in the White House briefing room was one of chaos, as NSA Jake Sullivan was trotted out to deliver the news that the president should have been giving himself.


There are days when it’s acceptable for a president to take a break, and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. This was not one of those days. Rather, it was a day when you’d expect Biden to be in the situation room, surrounded by his national security team, monitoring the crisis and working the phones to try to prevent another world war. Instead, as Biden has done nearly every weekend he’s been in office, he left early Friday for a four-day weekend away from the White House.

It’s insane, and it’s the kind of thing no president, not even a thoroughly incompetent one, would do if they otherwise had the ability to be present and lead. Biden is far from the smartest man to hold the office, but he’s cognizant enough to recognize how horrible these optics are, especially with the midterms coming up. The only explanation left for his behavior is that he simply can’t physically do the job. If you watched his latest interview, you got a clear picture of how cognitively incapable Biden is.


Let’s also keep in mind that Biden isn’t going to the Munich Security Conference either. Instead, he’s sending Kamala Harris to deal with European leaders as they sit on the verge of war. Again, that’s insane, and it points to a constant trend of the president outright abandoning his duties. Is the argument really that he’s so busy, all he can do is…take vacations every weekend?

Biden is a man who can’t fulfill the role he’s been placed in, and instead of trying to mitigate the political damage, he seems content to burn it all down. I get that he’s a 79-year-old geriatric with nothing else to play for, but other Democrats would probably appreciate him not drowning the entire party. That’s exactly what’s going to happen though.


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